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Just In: President Trump Releases Devastating Video Sealing The Democrat’s Fate In 2020

President Trump Releases Video That Seals The Democrat’s Fate For 2020.

Opinion | President Donald Trump has endured over two years of attacks from the politically biased DOJ and deep state members, now that the Mueller report has been released, they’ve lost their power.

The Russian collusion investigation has officially been proven to be a witch hunt following the release of Robert Mueller’s report.

Russian collusion and obstruction no longer hang over President Trump’s head and he can continue the important work of keeping America great!

Now that the power has dropped from under the deep state behind the whole Russian collusion witch hunt, Donald Trump has presidential power to declassify any damning information against Democrats connected to the Russia probe from now up until the 2020 election.

The power shift has become clear with the release of a new campaign video that slams well-known democrats who lied about evidence “they possessed” on Russian collusion over and over again.

They claimed that significant evidence existed against Donald Trump proving his “collusion” with Russia to interfere with the 2016 presidential election.

The video exposes almost three years of lies from democrats in only 40 seconds.

The democrats who the mainstream media provided unlimited airtime to delegitimize President Trump.

Watch the video below:

The starring democrats in the video are Senator Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut, Congressman Adam Schiff of California, Congressman Eric Swalwell of California, Congressman Jerrold Nadler of New York and DNC Chairman Tom Perez.

Take heart republicans, this is only the beginning of the deep state destruction.



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