Paul Ryan Tried To Sabotage Trump, Pushed GOP Congressmen to Run Against Him

ICYMI: Republican Congressman, Louie Gohmert of Texas, revealed that the former Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan encouraged GOP Congressmen to “run on a platform against President Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential election,” according to the Daily Caller.

Gohmert sat down for an interview with Derek Hunter on WMAL.

He explained, “Just a few weeks before the election, we were told by Paul, by our elected leaders that, gee, the only way we can keep the House majority is just all of us start running against the president.

Fortunately, we had enough people one after another on the call that pushed back so hard they backed off of that.”

Gohmert stated that President Trump is still getting himself acquainted to the “dichotomy between the public and private sector.”

This is especially difficult when dealing with members who say that they are on the same side, politically, but refuse to support Trump and his policies.

“He wants to work with people over here on the Hill, and he’s just not used to, in the private sector, having people that are reputedly on his side conspiring to keep him from getting what he promised,” Gohmert stated.

“And that’s what we’ve seen.”

He went on, “In the private sector, Trump knew if somebody that was on his side undermined him, there’d be hell to pay.

He was apparently not shy of suing people that didn’t keep their promises.

And so, he’s not used to being in a government setting, even two years later, where people that are supposedly on his side are not trying to help him as they say they are.”

Take a look:
Gohmert went on to say that Paul Ryan, along with other top Republican had never wanted to build a border wall along the country’s shared border with Mexico, which was one of Trump’s main focuses during his 2016 presidential run.

“Republican leaders, elected leaders — I use that term loosely, but they’re elected — they were not for a wall before he got elected,” stated Gohmert. “As Paul Ryan, very decent, humble person, he was saying before the election, we didn’t really need a wall.”


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