Judge Hands Corsi Huge Win In $350 Million Lawsuit Against Mueller & Company, The Case Will Be Heard

Opinion|ICYMI|  Earlier this month investigative journalist Jerome Corsi filed a complaint with the Justice Department, alleging federal prosecutors tried to coerce him to give false testimony.  

Those prosecutors are members of special counsel Robert Mueller’s goon squad charged with protecting the DOJ-FBI from exposure relating to their handling of the Clinton email probe and their illicit plot to destroy Donald Trump.

Corsi’s claims are consistent with the tactics Mueller appears to have been employing all along with other associates of Donald Trump.  This includes:

-A no-knock raid in the wee hours with guns drawn on  Paul Manafort’s home. Manafort had been a cooperating witness at the time.

-Keeping Manafort in solitary confinement with only limited access to his lawyers while awaiting sentencing for crimes wholly unrelated to Donald Trump or his campaign.

-Conducting a crusade to bankrupt Lt. General Michael Flynn so that he would plead guilty to one charge of lying to stop the financial bleeding.

-Raiding the office, home, and hotel room of Trump’s legal counsel Michael Cohen for evidence to use against Cohen in order to “entice” him to bear false witness against the president.

Corsi charged that the prosecutors were trying to convince him to lie to a grand jury by threatening to indict him.

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Tucker Carlson: They had your emails so if you had contacted Julian Assange they would already know it.

Corsi has concluded that Mueller’s investigators are determined to coerce him into admitting he and Trump associate Roger Stone had advance knowledge of WikiLeaks’ plans to release hacked material damaging to Hillary Clinton’s presidential effort.

Corsi has released documents showing prosecutors offered him a deal to plead guilty to a false statements charge. Corsi rejected the deal saying he didn’t knowingly mislead investigators only that he amended an earlier statement (after forgetting some details) with approval of the special counsel.

Corsi decided to go on offense and has filed a $350 million lawsuit against the special counsel and the DOJ:

Special counsel Mueller moved to block Corsi’s lawsuit by claiming the partial government shutdown hindered moving forward.

Senior U.S. District Court Judge Richard J. Leon denied the motion to stay that had been brought by the Department of Justice, rejecting the government’s request to postpone the hearing in Corsi’s case.

Corsi, has accused the special counsel of “illegal and unconstitutional surveillance” and of leaking to the propaganda media.

Corsi’s attorney, Larry Klayman countered the Justice Department’s petition:

“Defendants’ motion is, in practice, proffered tactically for delay.  Indeed, the so called ‘government shutdown’ is only partial, and Defendants Robert Mueller and the Office of the Special Counsel, which is an integral part of the U.S. Department of Justice, is excepted in any event.  Thus, Special Counsel Mueller’s prosecutors and legal counsel can, at a minimum, be present at the hearing on January 3, 2019.”

“Furthermore, it is highly doubtful that U.S. Department of Justice attorneys are actually prohibited from working.  By counsel for Defendants’ own admission, any furlough does not apply across the board and is not applicable in compelling circumstances.”

At the conclusion of argument Judge Leon ruled that the hearing would take place as scheduled.

Corsi is seeking $350 million in punitive damages from Mr. Mueller, the FBI, the National Security Agency, CIA and Justice Department.

In filing the lawsuit, Klayman wrote:

“Defendant Mueller and his prosecutorial and media staff, acting in their official capacity and personally, also illegally released grand jury information to harm Plaintiff Corsi by attempting to destroy his reputation and personal and professional well-being and livelihood, thus also attempting to drive him into bankruptcy.”

This cannot be good for Mueller or his team who are likely to be forced to answer questions about whether the DOJ, FBI, or anyone on his team made an effort to examine the three most important elements of this case; Julian Assange, Hillary Clinton’s server and the DNC server.


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