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Car Ad Pulled From TV Due to Unexplained Event Caught on Camera

This is a British car commercial that allegedly caught a Real Ghost on camera. The Ghost was not noticed until after filming was through.

There’s a whole lot more to producing a commercial than just filming it. An editor has to work it over, taking great care to make sure everything is just right. They see the footage over and over and over again, always looking closely for the slightest problem.

A British camera crew was filming a television commercial for a car company. In the ad, a car makes its way along a winding road in a lovely, verdant stretch of countryside.

For the editor of this commercial, [BELOW] everything seemed pretty routine: just a car gliding through beautiful countryside. But then he noticed it. The “it” was moving along side the car. It looked like a bit of mist, but there was something, frankly, ghostly about it. Maybe it really was just mist but it sure looked spooky.

Ghosts are a controversial topic. Some people believe in them and even swear they’ve seen them personally.

Scroll down for unseen commercial video and reaction:

Imagine the looks on everyone’s faces when they found out that a year before, someone had been killed in an accident at the very spot where the “mist” starts appearing in the commercial. The people at the company that commissioned the ad were so freaked out, the commercial was never aired.

We’ve posted the video below. Remember, you have to pay very, very close attention. Watch very carefully. Make sure you read the intro.

Others think the whole idea is silly. Scientists view the matter with skepticism: they won’t be convinced until they see some seriously good evidence.

Did the “ghost” in this never-aired commercial give you a shock? Let us know in the Facebook comments and make sure to share and like so your friends get spooked, too.

Personally, I peed my pants a little and the dog jumped out the window. What did you think about this video? Watch how this family responded to the same commercial:


Ghost Car, is a commercial introduced in early 2005 by a german drink company called k-fee. As something very peaceful is happening on the advertisement, a zombie or a gargoyle would pop out of the screen, scream very loudly and frightenly, and possibly scare the viewer. In the end, it shows the companies brand, and the products logo.
The video was one of the first screamer’s to be uploaded on the internet. The commercial was uploaded in July of 2005, also being the first screamer uploaded to YouTube, and one of the first video’s put on YouTube.

In late summer 2017, several unreliable web sites published identical reports alleging that the makers of a car commercial reluctantly decided never to air the ad because of a “ghostly” apparition the crew accidentally captured on film:

Advertising companies can come up with a lot of brilliant ways to sell their products. And because of this, commercials have become part of our culture, so much so that they’ve become an event in and of themselves at least once a year. But while there are a lot of things that help sell products, creepy ghost-like figures aren’t among them.

It’s BEYOND me that people take these things seriously. We actually get emails saying we’re reporting false news! It’s a joke, duh. Jokes can’t be true or false because they’re FRIKIN JOKES you dummies!

But our readers know better – ya’ll like a good scare or laugh once in a while don’t you? In short, it’s a prank.

The slogan and basic concept were used in a series of award-winning TV, Internet, and radio spots produced by the Hamburg marketing firm Jung von Matt for K-fee in 2004. All featured the same “screamer” or “jump scare” ending.

The campaign was so successful that it was followed up a year later with milder, self-parodying versions of the ads featuring the reworked tagline, “Jetzt auch mit weniger Koffein” (“Now also with less caffeine”):

Sure they might give some old coot a heart attack, but in the meantime, we just keep rockin’ and rollin’, babee. So to all the dopes with no sense of sensibility, watch it again and go poop yourself!


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