Turley Flips Impeachment Hearing On Obama, Shows He Refused To Give Evidence To Congress


Law professor Jonathan Turley of George Washington University destroyed the Democrats when they tried to say that Trump not turning over documents is obstruction of justice and grounds for impeachment.

Turley reminded the Democrats that Obama refused to turn over documents pertaining to Fast and Furious not to be mistaken for Rosie O’Donnell, code name , Fat and Furious.

fast and Furious was the means by which Barack Obama and Eric Holder used to arm the drug cartels in Mexico.

Guns from that program is said to have killed nearly 200 people, including Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.

Republican Georgia Rep. Doug Collins asked Jonathan Turley:

Collins asked if the House of Representatives is abusing its power “if we just say the facts don’t matter.”

Turley answered:

“I think so. Part of the problem is that to bring a couple of these Articles [of Impeachment], you have to contradict the position of President Obama. President Obama withheld evidence from Congress in “Fast and Furious,” an investigation, a rather moronic program that led to the death of a federal agent.

President Obama gave a sweeping argument that he was not only not going to give evidence to this body but that a court had absolutely no role in determining whether he could withhold the evidence.”

From The Daily Caller

After hearings before the House Intelligence Committee, led by its chairman, Democratic California Rep. Adam Schiff, the impeachment inquiry has moved to the judiciary committee under Democratic New York Rep. Jerry Nadler.

Nadler opened Wednesday’s testimony by stating “The facts before us are undisputed,” in reference to the claim that Trump has committed impeachable offenses. The proceedings have been sharply polarized, not only because of the divide between Republicans and Democrats, but by the testimony of the witnesses.

Stanford Law professor Pamela Karlan said Wednesday in her opening statement that she was “insulted” by Republican suggestions that she had not read all the impeachment testimony from previous witnesses.


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