We Warned You: McConnell Tells Trump He Must Gain Support from GOP Senators in Latest Impeachment Advancement


Opinion| Mark Sidney|  We have been warning everyone for weeks that we believe that ‘‘cocaine Mitch’ McConnell has no plans to defend Donald Trump from the bogus coup, I mean, impeachment Pelosi, Schiff and their minions are working on.

Unless you have been living under a rock you likely know that the push to impeach Trump began virtually the moment he was elected.

What does this tell us?  It tells us that the impeachment has NOTHING to do with any laws Trump may have broken, it has to do with his very existence being an existential threat to the ability of the DS to cover up their crimes, at least that is how I see it.

2016 is the date of this quote by the Congressman.  Trump did not get sworn in as President until 2017.  So I do not want to hear that this was not the plan the whole time.

Now, McConnell, who I do not trust further than I can throw a Buick, is lending credence to the impeachment fiasco in the House.

The Gateway Pundit is reporting:

“Ed Henry announced on FOX News that Mitch McConnell is giving President Trump pointers on how to gain the votes from Republican senators in the sham House impeachment process.

Mitch McConnell must think that there is some value to the Democrat arguments? Or maybe he thinks the Republican Senate can control Trump? Evidently Mitch thinks President Trump should grovel with GOP senators for their vote in something that is clearly a complete sham.”

Meanwhile, the Republican Senate DOES NOTHING to assist this wildly popular Republican President.

Lindsey Graham is yet to call in any witnesses in the sham investigation that is completely partisan and based on a total fraud.

The coup attempt by Democrats will change America forever.

It should be thrown out before it reaches the US Senate floor.

So if Trump is mean to the US Senate they’re going to vote for impeachment over some outrageous farce?

They really are THE WORST.”

I have a prediction for the Republican Party:  If you remove Trump from office, your party will collapse.

They must know this, as the President’s approval rating among Republicans is VERY high.

President Trump likes to say his approval among R’s is 95%, but that number has been disputed.

For argument’s sake, let’s say it is 80%.

What do you think is going to happen if the Republicans go along with removing a President, which 80% of their base supports?  It will hand the nation to the radicalized Democrats, and into eternal darkness we will fall, with a one party system, controlled by some of the most anti liberty authoritarians ever to have ran for office in America.

I advise the Senators who say they are Republicans to think long and hard about not backing Trump.  Ask yourself how you will fair in your next election if 80% of Republican voters think you were part of the coup to oust their President.

Pull your head out of your rear, Mitch, my children’s future depends on it!

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