McConnell Leveraging Threat of Impeachment to Undermine Trump’s America First Agenda, Says Fox News’ Ed Henry


Opinion| Lawrence David| Last night Fox News’ Ed Henry appeared with Laura Ingraham where he revealed how Senate Majority Leader is using the threat of impeachment to force President Trump’s hand on policy.

According to Henry, McConnell also told the president that in order to survive impeachment he should “forget about Ukraine,” a not so subtle suggestion that too many senators are likely to be intent on protecting their personal corrupt interests.

“McConnell told the president that if he does two things he’s going to survive this.

“One, deal with senators one-on-one in the days ahead on policy grounds.  Forget about Ukraine…

“…Secondly, I’m told, McConnell said do not attack individual senators.  They’re going to be taking this very seriously as jurors…”

Translation: Mr. President, if you’re willing to forget about the American people and your America First Agenda, and to do our bidding, we’ll let you finish out your term.

The ‘Turd-le’ is merely doing what his fellow senators elected him to do… protect the swamp against anyone who dares challenge their pork-laden, corrupt legislative constructs or their illicit quid pro quo deals with foreign governments.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer: “Let me tell you, you take on the intelligence community they have six ways to Sunday in getting back at you…

It’s not Republicans vs Democrats, It’s Authoritarians vs We, The People.

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