Rally Cancelled: VP Mike Pence’s Flight Diverted, Called Back To DC After “Unspecified Emergency”


Kirsters’ Opinion| In some shocking news, Vice President Mike Pence’s New Hampshire rally was cancelled after he was called back to Washington on Tuesday after what has only been described as an “emergency.”

According to Fox News, “Officials did not offer details on the situation but later sought to downplay the change of plans.”

“Something came up that required the @VP to remain in Washington, DC,” Pence’s spokeswoman Alyssa Farah wrote in a tweet. “It’s no cause for alarm. He looks forward to rescheduling the trip to New Hampshire very soon.”

“A senior White House official told reporters the situation is not health-related for Pence or President Trump, and is not related to national security. Pence was scheduled to visit Salem on Tuesday to participate in a roundtable discussion and deliver remarks on the opioid crisis and illegal drug flow in New Hampshire,” Fox reports. There were conflicting accounts of whether Pence was actually en route to New Hampshire when he was called back. Shortly before the vice president was scheduled to arrive, an announcer at the event told the crowd that Air Force Two had been diverted because of an ’emergency callback.'”

“We do have a situation where the vice president was called back to Washington,” Randy Gentry, Pence’s office representative, explained to the crowd.

Later, however, Farah denied that Pence was ever out of Washington in the first place, saying that there was no “emergency callback.” Farah tweeted, “The @VP never left Washington, DC. There was no ’emergency callback.’ Something came up that required the VP to stay in DC. We’ll reschedule NH shortly.”

President Donald Trump is in Washington today, however he currently has no public events scheduled, according to Fox News.

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