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Video Of Chicago Thugs Beating A Man At A McDonalds Goes Insanely Viral: Here’s Why


Kirsters Baish – Syndicated Columnist

A video popped up online this week which showed a man being jumped by two teens outside a Chicago Gold Coast restaurant.

The teenagers could be seen beating on the man outside the front of the restaurant.

Things took a turn when the man proved to be armed.


When the man pulled a gun in order to protect himself, the teens ran for safety.

The people inside the restaurant didn’t seem bothered by the teens beating on the man so much as when they saw the man draw his weapon.

CWB Chicago reported:

Chicago police this afternoon offered new information about the incident: The security guard, a suburban policeman, was on-duty for the McDonald’s restaurant Saturday afternoon. He was leading the two men out of the restaurant when one of them struck the guard on the head with a glass bottle, police said. A struggle ensued and was captured on video.

A CPD spokesperson on Monday said the department did not have a report about the incident on file. Today, however, Chicago police said officers were called to the scene, but the two offenders were gone by the time cops arrived. The security guard was treated at Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

A spokesperson for McDonald’s said, “We will continue to take appropriate measures to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for our customers.”

Video emerged today of an armed man pulling his weapon to ward off two apparent attackers near the Magnificent Mile, just two days after widespread mob action prompted police to arrest 21 people in the area.

The video was shot from inside a McDonald’s restaurant located at 10 East Chicago. Two young males can be seen jumping a middle-aged man. The man seems to be some kind of security guard. The two young men slam the middle-aged man against the outside wall of the restaurant. He then tries to get loose.

It didn’t take long for one of the attackers to grab what appeared to be pepper spray as the armed victim struggled with the other attacker.

“McDonald’s did not immediately respond to inquiries seeking comment about the incident. A spokesman for nearby Loyola University stated that the armed man is not affiliated with the school’s police department, as rumored on social media. A Chicago police spokesman said no report had been filed in connection with the incident,” reports CWB Chicago.

Take a look at the video for yourself:

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