Biden Claims Americans Unfazed By High Grocery Bills: ‘They Have The Money To Spend’

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President Joe Biden has come under heavy criticism following his remarks during a sit-down interview with CNN, where he claimed that Americans “have the money to spend” despite a significant increase in grocery prices. The interview, which took place amid growing economic concerns and inflation rates, saw Biden attempting to address the cost of living crisis that has been a focal point of his administration.

During the interview, the CNN interviewer mentioned that grocery prices are up by over 30%, to which Biden responded, “It really is, and it is real, but the fact is that if you take a look at what people have, they have the money to spend.” He went on to express his anger towards “shrinkflation” and corporate greed, stating that “It’s like 20% less for the same price, that is corporate greed. It is corporate greed and we’ve got to deal with it.”

Biden’s comments have sparked a wave of criticism on social media, with many accusing the President of being out of touch with the realities faced by everyday Americans. Critics argue that the 81-year-old President’s remarks demonstrate a lack of understanding of the economic challenges faced by millions of citizens across the country.

The backlash comes at a time when Biden’s approval ratings for the economy and inflation are in the negative zone, with a recent CNN poll indicating that only 34% of respondents approve of his handling of the economy, and 29% approve of his approach to inflation. These figures highlight the growing concern among voters about the President’s ability to address the cost of living crisis effectively.

Furthermore, Biden’s comments have been seized upon by his political opponents, with Republican figures and conservative commentators criticizing the President for appearing to downplay the impact of inflation on American households. Critics have also pointed to Biden’s remarks as evidence of a disconnect between the President’s policies and the needs of the American people.

The controversy surrounding Biden’s comments comes at a crucial time for his administration, with the 2024 presidential election looming on the horizon. As the President seeks to shore up support among the electorate, his comments may serve to further alienate voters who are already concerned about the state of the economy and their own financial security.

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