‘Ladies’ of ‘The View’ FURIOUS’ After Trump Punks Them … Again


Liberty One| Erica Carlin|

It’s a common practice for the biased liberal media to get overly excited about the prospect of former President Trump’s arrest, but when it fails to materialize, they’re quick to turn their disappointment and anger onto the man they despise. This was clearly the case on ABC’s The View on Wednesday morning, as they bemoaned the fact that former President Trump’s arrest prediction did not come true.

The View’s co-hosts were quick to throw shade at Trump for his prediction, with Whoopi Goldberg sarcastically stating that “you kind of have to weigh it with all the other stuff he said. And you figure, well, you know, you said you won the election, you didn’t win. You said they are going to arrest you. They didn’t arrest you.”

This is typical of the media’s bias against Trump, as they rush to make false claims about his guilt and then turn their disappointment onto him when the claims don’t pan out. It’s a classic case of blaming the victim, as the media are quick to vilify Trump for any perceived misdeed, real or imagined.

What’s even more concerning is the media’s willingness to give credence to the Manhattan DA’s unsubstantiated claims that Trump could be charged with 10 or 20 counts of violating campaign finance laws. Sunny Hostin was quick to suggest that if Trump is convicted, he could face six months per charge.


This type of speculation is irresponsible and damaging, as it serves to further the media’s narrative that Trump is guilty of something. The media should be more responsible in their reporting and not jump to conclusions without any real evidence. Otherwise, they are just contributing to the false narrative that Trump is a criminal and should be arrested.

On the other hand, had the DA taken Trump to court (again) over the pornstar’s case, I think it would have just blown up in their faces (again).

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