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Breaking News Has Trump Smiling Ear To Ear & Biden In Panic Mode

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Former President Donald Trump has reached his highest polling position against President Joe Biden since the 2024 presidential polling cycle began last year, according to the RealClearPolitics average.

On September 17, Trump polled at 45.6% to Biden’s 45%, surpassing his previous best on May 27, which was 45.4% to Biden’s 43.4%1. This marks a significant milestone in the potential 2024 presidential race, with Trump gaining momentum in recent polls.

This development comes amidst a backdrop of fluctuating popularity for both men. According to a poll by Quinnipiac University, Biden and Trump are statistically tied. However, the same poll shows that Trump still holds significant support within the Republican party.

Meanwhile, concerns over Biden’s age and economic policies have been cited as potential factors jeopardizing his chances of re-election. A Reuters report from September 15 suggests that voters’ economic concerns and questions about Biden’s age could impact his prospects in a potential 2024 rematch with Trump.

In contrast, Trump, who is only a few years younger than Biden, faces less scrutinyfor his age. Despite facing a series of challenges over the last year, Trump’s position atop the Republican field of candidates appears unshakeable.

It should be noted that these early polls can be volatile, and the political landscape may change significantly by 2024. Both Biden and Trump have yet to officially confirm their candidacy for the next presidential election.

While these figures provide an interesting snapshot of the current political climate, it is crucial to remember that they are just one factor in a complex and ever-evolving political landscape. As we approach the 2024 presidential elections, it will be interesting to observe how these numbers evolve and what they might mean for the future of American politics.

Most recently, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy declared that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis does is not on the “same level” as the former president, indicating for the first time that he may support Trump in the 2024 primary season.

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