BUSTED: FBI PLANTED Evidence On Trump⚠️

If you thought that the FBI’s behavior dealing with Whitey Bulger and Candidate Trump were outliers … you would be wrong.

It should come as no surprise that the federal agency that was run under the iron fist of J Edgar Hoover for decades is corrupt to its core.

Not only did the FBI try to interfere in our supposedly ‘free, fair and open elections’, they have been trying to ‘get Trump’ ever since he won in 2016.

They just can’t help themselves and because of this, they just got caught … AGAIN

The Gateway Pundit reported:

This nation is broken.  Those in charge of our justice system are crooks.  The Department of Justice is unjust.  Its leaders are like foxes in the hen house or criminals running the police station. 

In an earlier article posted at The Gateway Pundit on September 1, 2022, only a few weeks after the unprecedented, unnecessary, and unlawful raid of the President’s home on August 8, 2022, we noted that the FBI inserted documents into the collection of documents they stole from President Trump’s home during the raid.

We reported that the FBI created the crime scene, inserted their own documents, and then photoshopped the document.  Here is what we reported:

1. We know that the FBI wanted to make this look like a crime scene.

We know this because the containers were right next door.  The documents would have been placed on a table had the FBI wanted to take a picture of the documents.  Showing them as scattered across the floor is for show to indicate they were found this way, a lie we explain below.  Also, the cabinets are right next to the documents, which is likely where they were stored.  They weren’t stored on the floor.

2. The FBI inserted documents into the photo. 

The cover sheets in the above photo that were red, yellow, and brown were inserted by the FBI.  They are the FBI’s cover sheets.  We know this for various reasons.  The Trump White House did not need these cover sheets in the documents they held because they had their own cover sheets.

The red, yellow, and brown cover sheets were inserted.  If you look closely at the yellow cover sheets, they are paper clipped to the documents.  The documents would have been stapled.  They are paperclipped because they were inserted by the FBI.

Also, the front cover sheet in brown, showing SCI, with the following wording:

Handling, storage, reproduction, and distribution of the attached document must be in accordance with the applicable executive orders statutes and agency implementing regulations.

3. The photo was altered or photoshopped after it was taken (i.e. the FBI was tampering with evidence).

Throughout the picture there are sections in white.  It would be proper for the FBI to take pictures of the crime scene and then add paper to cover up the classified info and then take photos to cover up any classified information.  However, we know that these white sections are redactions to the photo.

Finally, did the FBI Agents who invaded the President’s home have the proper credentials to review classified information?  How about the agents who made the call to photoshop the photo?  How about the employees who photoshopped the photos?  Were they properly credentialed?

This is a crime scene but it is the FBI and DOJ that acted like criminals.  They created a false crime scene.  They inserted docs.  They tampered with evidence.  

Earlier this week the FBI confirmed our reporting. 

Conservative Treehouse reported (emphasis added):

In a recent court filing [Document Here] President Trump through his legal counsel has requested Judge Cannon to unredact and unseal the search warrant affidavit used as the predicate for the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago.  Apparently, the DOJ have yet to provide President Trump with the constitutionally required predicate documents to support their search.

Additionally, the DOJ previously leaked to media about “empty folders with classified banners” as part of the evidence cache they collected.  According to the filing the DOJ has since presented three different versions of their evidence collection list, with the most recent list dropping any claims of “two empty folders with classified banners.

The crooks at the FBI deleted the files because they had previously inserted them to make it look like the President had classified documents laying all over the place at Mar-a-Lago.

Any and all involved in this illegal search and seizure – from Biden to AG Garland to Chris Wray to those overseeing and involved – should be thrown in prison.  

This was the President’s home they illegally raided and manipulated it with their own documents. 

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