Senator Threatens to “Kick the Sh*t” Out of Joe Biden for Doing THIS To His Wife

Joe Biden is in hot water after a former US Senator and foreign diplomat recently threatened to “kick the shit” out of him for allegedly groping his wife.

This incident has sparked outrage from Americans across the nation who are demanding that Biden be held accountable for his actions.

Joseph R. Biden Jr., the President of the United States has been accused of inappropriate touching by several women over the years, including Lucy Flores, a Nevada politician who claims that he touched her shoulders and kissed her head during a 2014 campaign event.

The allegations against Biden have been viewed as especially troubling given his history as an advocate for women’s rights and his position as one of America’s most prominent political leaders.

The latest controversy involves John Bolton, a former US Senator from Florida and later a diplomat under both Republican administrations. Bolton was speaking at an event this week when he said he would “kick the shit” out of Joe Biden if it turned out he had inappropriately touched or harassed someone’s wife or daughter.

Bolton also went on to say that while he does not condone violence, it is important to stand up to those who abuse their power and influence over others. .

There has been tons of support for Bolton among those who believe that politicians should be held accountable for their actions and words regardless of their party affiliation or ideology.

It remains unclear whether any action will be taken against Joe Biden following these latest allegations but it is clear that they have added fuel to an already heated debate about how our society should respond to sexual misconduct by powerful men in politics and beyond.

Republicans across the country are now calling on Democrats to hold Joe Biden accountable for his alleged misconduct so that justice can be served and victims can find closure from what happened all those years ago.

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