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“File The F*cking Motion”: McCarthy Flips His S#!t After GOP Members Threaten to Remove Him as House Speaker

OPINION| This week, tensions within the Republican party reached a boiling point. Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-FL) publicly accused House Speaker Kevin McCarthy of not living up to his campaign promises that allowed him to become leader in January.

This led to a heated exchange during a closed-door meeting with Republican House members on Thursday. McCarthy reportedly became visibly frustrated and lost his cool amid growing murmurs of discontent and open threats towards his leadership.

McCarthy reportedly snapped at Rep. Brian Mast (R-FL), saying “If you want to file a motion to vacate, then file the f*cking motion”.  After the meeting, McCarthy said he was frustrated but failed to address why there was a rift within the party.

Gaetz responded by saying that instead of getting emotional, McCarthy should stick to what he promised back in January -balanced budgets, term limits and single-subject spending bills.

Gaetz doubled down on his attack against McCarthy by writing a post on X (formerly Twitter) which read “I warned everybody in December of last year. Speaker McCarthy believes in NOTHING except money and power…I’ve had enough McFailure.”

The Gateway Pundit reported that Gaetz took issue with how McCarthy has failed to keep his word since taking office as speaker in January; promising things like balanced budgets, term limits and single-subject spending bills but failing to follow through with any of them so far.

In fact, Gaetz even suggested recruiting Democratic Rep Eric Swalwell for help carrying out the motion needed for removal from office if need be .

He reminded everyone on the floor that day that it only takes one member of Congress filing such a motion for it to be successful since all it takes is a simple majority vote for removal from office anyway It’s clear now more than ever before that something needs done about this situation or else many Republicans will suffer because of it come election time if we don’t act soon!

We can no longer sit idly by as our leader fails us again and again! It’s time we take action now before it’s too late!

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