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Federal Judge Gives Facebook & Biden Terrible News … FINALLY!

If you believe that the Biden administration is really going to cooperate in an investigation against their own lawlessness, you probably were gullible enough to vote for Joe Biden. Missouri and Louisiana filed a lawsuit against members of the Biden administration in an effort to demonstrate how Biden and his cronies colluded with social media to censor conservatives. In some cases, the Biden administration actually ordered the censoring of conservative opinion.

Attorney General Eric Schmitt provided examples of censorship in a Twitter thread.

A federal judge has ordered the Biden regime to provide Missouri and Louisiana with any help they may need. But Biden disobeys the Supreme Court, so do you really believe he is going to listen to a lowly federal court? BTW, I heard a rumor that Joe Biden was going to start self-identifying as a man, but I doubt that anyone will buy it.

Epoch Times reported:

A federal judge ordered the Biden administration on July 12 to comply with information requests in a lawsuit brought by Missouri and Louisiana officials about alleged federal government collusion with social media companies to suppress important news stories in the name of fighting so-called misinformation.

The lawsuit could help bring to light the Biden administrationā€™s behind-the-scenes efforts to discourage the dissemination of information related to the advent of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus that causes the disease COVID-19 and the ongoing Hunter Biden laptop scandal, according to Eric Schmitt, Missouriā€™s Republican attorney general.

According to court documents, the states allege that the administration ā€œcolluded with and/or coerced social media companies to suppress disfavored speakers, viewpoints, and content on social media platforms by labeling the content ā€˜disinformation,ā€™ ā€˜misinformation,ā€™ and ā€˜malinformation.ā€™ā€

Missouri Attorney General celebrated the ruling.:

ā€œA federal court granted our request for discovery & documents from top ranking Biden officials & social media companies to get to the bottom of their collusion to suppress & censor free speech.

No one has had the chance to look under the hood before ā€“ now we do.ā€

You can file that under to dream the impossible dream.


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