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⚠️Court Decision Means Jerry Nadler Is FINISHED!⚠️

Rich Welsh| You may not know about this because our misinformation news media wouldn’t report it, but Democrats in New York tried to gerrymander the Empire State into a one-party rule with cheating so bad that a Democrat-controlled court thought it was too outrageous, and now new congressional districts are pitting Democrat giants against each other in a battle of survival, and this means that the evil progressive lunatic Representative Jerry Nadler (D-NY) may be filing unemployment papers. For me, that would be like Christmas coming early.

On Monday, a special master released new congressional district lines and House Judiciary Committee Chairman Nadler, whose blood type used to be “Donut,” wound up being slapped out of the safety of his comfortable seat and actually having to fight his way through a primary in a new district that is already being represented by another Democrat who has been in her seat in the House almost as long as Nadler who was first elected to Congress in 1992.

Nadler is going to have to run against Representative Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) who first got elected to the House in 1993, according to the New York Post.

Conservatives who have had to watch Nadler progress in ways of being the most unfair, unethical, lying member of Congress will giggle with delight when watching the coming battle between the two opponents vying for the seat. What kind of political dirty tricks will Nadler pull on a fellow Democrat? Will unprovable accusations of bad behavior suddenly appear in the New York Times about Maloney? Should the Congresswoman make a declarative statement that she is not suicidal?

Nadler drew first blood by immediately announcing he is running in the new district. He has a lot more things he wants to do to take American down and he’s not wasting any time.

Nadler didn’t even call Maloney to let her know he was planning on running in the district, which is really hers to lose.

Maloney made it known she’s not going anywhere, according to the Post, and she’s not too keen on the move Nadler made by trying to push his way in by pushing her out.

“I thought it was disrespectful. We’ve served together a long time. He’s running in my district,” she told the Post.

The truth of the matter is, right now, it’s no one’s district, and they did this to themselves.

What happened was Democrats drew congressional maps that favored their party. It should be considered theft. They will do anything to gain power, including scumbag moves like that.

The New York Daily News reported that the maps they devised would have given Democrats “an advantage in 22 of the state’s 26 congressional districts.”

This is what happens when Democrats are in power. They do whatever they want.

The Democrats know they’re going to take a hit in the coming November midterm elections, so this move in New York was a way they thought they could steal seats in the US House to either keep their majority or lessen a GOP majority after the November bloodbath.

And they were on their way to total control. That is until in April when the NY Court of Appeals ruledthat the map was both unconstitutional and adopted improperly.

The fact that every judge sitting on that court was appointed by a Democrat governor shows that not even a partisan court could allow such blatant theft to go forward, according to the AP.

It’s going to be fun watching Nadler sweat while he challenges Maloney for the seat.

“I’ve never lost an election, and I don’t intend to start now,” Maloney told the outlet. Let’s hope she keeps that record going.


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