Government Corruption


There was outrage in Los Angeles after it was revealed that an armed man with a US Marshal’s badge and federal identification had infiltrated security while attempting to gain access to the event featuring Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

One does not need to be a rock scientist (or more acutely, as Elon Musk likes to point out, a ‘rocket engineer’) to realize this man’s intentions were to put yet another Kennedy who threatens the status quo six feet under.

The incident occurred when the suspect attempted to enter a building where Kennedy was scheduled to speak. The man, identified as Jordan Peltz, was carrying a gun and claimed to be working for the US Marshals Service. He also presented federal identification documents upon request of security personnel who were present at the scene.

However, after further investigation by local law enforcement officers, it became apparent that Peltz had no affiliation with any government agency or organization.

This alarming news has sparked reactions from many political figures across the country who have expressed their concern about such an incident occurring in a city like Los Angeles which is home to some of America’s most prominent politicians and celebrities.

As comservatives we are appalled by this breach of security which could have easily resulted in the assassination of yet another anti-establishment Kennedy, had not been stopped before entering the premises where RFK Jr. was speaking.

It is clear from this incident that there must be more stringent measures taken by local authorities to ensure that all public events are adequately protected from potential threats posed by those seeking ill-intentions toward attendees or speakers alike.

It is concerning that someone would feel emboldened enough to attempt such an infiltration without fear of repercussions due to lax security protocols set forth by those responsible for keeping these events safe and secure.

This serves as yet another reminder that we must remain vigilant against potential malicious actors who may seek out vulnerable targets in order to carry out nefarious deeds against our society as a whole.

In light of recent events involving politically motivated violence around the world, it should come as no surprise that people are becoming increasingly concerned about their safety when attending public gatherings such as this one featuring Robert F Kennedy Jr.

I don’t think there is an American out there who is not holding their breath, praying that RFK Jr. does not meet the same fate as the majority of his family members who have entered the national political stage.

We urge all citizens regardless of political persuasion or beliefs to stay alert and take necessary precautions whenever attending large scale events like these so as not to become victims of any sort of criminal activity or terrorism related incidents which often occur when least expected but can have devastating consequences on those affected directly or indirectly involved within its aftermaths reach.

We applaud local law enforcement officers for swiftly apprehending Mr Peltz before any real harm could be done but also stress how important it is for everyone involved in organizing such high profile appearances make sure adequate safety protocols are implemented beforehand thus avoiding similar situations from happening again in future occasions .

It goes without saying that proper preparation is key when dealing with volatile environments like these; hopefully this particular case will serve as a stark reminder on how dangerous things can get if proper precautions aren’t taken into account prior them taking place .

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