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BREAKING: Bud Light’s Connection To The CIA Exposed

Syndicated with permission via Valiant News| Tom Pappert|

Brendan Whitworth, the CEO of embattled beverage giant Anheuser-Busch, was once an officer in the CIA during the height of 43rd President George Bush’s global war on terror.

A now-scrubbed LinkedIn profile highlighted by TPUSA’s Benny Johnson reveals the CEO of the company behind Bud Light worked for the CIA as an Operations Officer for the Clandestine Service of the Counterterrorism Center.

After becoming a U.S. Marine, Whitworth then worked for the CIA from 2001 through 2006, when he left the agency to obtain a Master of Business Administration from Harvard University. He then went to work for Frito-Lay as the Senior Director of Sales at PepsiCo in 2008, and eventually climbed the food and beverage ladder to lead Anheuser-Busch.

“I think I found the problem,” wrote Johnson. “The CEO of Budweiser is a CIA operative. No, really.”

The Bud Light brand continues to drive a company-wide free fall for the company’s value following the sponsorship of transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney, a biological male who has represented a growing number of American brands as part of a “365 Days of Womanhood” campaign.

Last week we reported that Bud Light sales were down between 30% and 50%, and the brand had lost $4 billion in value since the Mulvaney controversy erupted. That value loss has now risen to $6 billion, and the damage appears to be continuing.

The promotion itself seemed to be limited to the brand creating a mockup of a can with Mulvaney’s face on it, and the transgender influencer sipping a can of Bud Light in a video posted to social media.

On Friday, Whitworth released a statement that seemed to add fuel to the fire by expressing a nebulous intent to avoid “being part of a discussion that divides people” without expressing regret for the ad campaign or doubling down on the transgender sponsorship.

Instead, Whitworth committed to continue creating beer.

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