SHOCK VIDEO: Dali Lama Tells Little Boy To ‘Suck My …’

Just when you thought the perversions among ‘the elite’ knew at least some bounds, something like this happens and makes you question everything, and everyone in power.

If you continue reading you’ll see the damage control that the Dali Lama’s team engages in, however, I can’t help but wonder what this guy is up to behind closed doors.

I love to tease people, especially kids, however, never in a million years would I ask a little boy … or girl … to suck my tongue.

Take a look at the video below and let us know what you think about the disturbing incident …

The Daily Mail reported:

The Dalai Lama has apologised after an unsettling video appeared on social media in which he kissed a young Indian boy on the lips before asking him to ‘suck’ his tongue.

Footage of the uncomfortable incident showed the moment the Tibetan spiritual leader invited the boy on stage during a charity event at his temple in Dharamshala, India in February.

In the video, the boy asks the Dalai Lama ‘can I hug you?’, to which Tenzin Gyatso responds: ‘Okay – come!’

The spiritual leader first asks the boy to kiss him on the cheek, before pointing at his lips. He holds the boy’s face as they briefly kiss, then the pair press their foreheads together.

Just as the boy goes to pull away, the Dalai Lama instructs him: ‘And suck my tongue’ – prompting him to slowly inch forward towards the 87-year-old’s outstretched tongue.

Attendees of the event, held by India‘s M3M Foundation, can be heard laughing as the boy sits awkwardly in front of the aged Tibetan Buddhist leader and nervously follows his orders.

Before letting the child go, the Dalai Lama imparts some wisdom, telling him to ‘look to those good human beings who create peace, happiness’ and not to ‘follow those human beings who always kill other people’.

Some supporters of the Dalai Lama sprang to his defence, claiming their leader was simply ‘joking around’. 

But the clip has sparked outrage on social media, with commentators branding the Dalai Lama’s actions ‘scandalous’, ‘disgusting’ and ‘absolutely sick’.

Others went as far as to describe him as an ‘insidious false prophet’. 

‘Utterly shocked to see this display by the #DalaiLama. In the past too, he’s had to apologise for his sexist comments. But saying “now suck my tongue” to a small boy is disgusting,’ wrote user Sangita.

Another poster, Rakhi Tripathi, said: ‘What did I just see? What that child must be feeling? Disgusting.’

That sure sounded like a weak explanation to me.  This all leaves me with one question … why the hell are so many men in positions of great power constantly being caught engaging in inappropriate behavior with children?!

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