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BREAKING: Trump Just Threatened China With THIS … Do You Have His Back?

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45th President Donald Trump on Monday released another 2024 presidential campaign video in which he vowed that, if elected, his second administration will be “hunting down Chinese spies” instead of targeting American citizens with federal law enforcement.

In the video, the 45th President placed an emphasis on the vast presence of Chinese spies in America who have infiltrated various industries in the public and private sector.

“It’s rarely even mentioned that China has many thousands of spies working in the United States in business, finance, academia, technology, media, and likely even government, very sadly,” President Trump said.

The former president added that countering communist Chinese espionage was one of his administration’s top priorities when he was in charge, noting that his successor, Joe Biden, dismantled the programs upon assuming office.

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“Joe Biden terminated that program right away, suggesting that it was somehow racist,” Trump said.

“According to published reports, this came shortly after 160 faculty members of the University of Pennsylvania, where I went to school, the Wharton School of Finance, home of the now infamous Biden Center, wrote to Merrick Garland and demanded that the Chinese espionage initiative be shut down immediately,” he added.

The 45th President then called on the new Republican-majority Congress, under the leadership of House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), to investigate the University of Pennsylvania’s finances, their Chinese donors, and their relationship to the First family.

“Congress needs to dig deep into the financial operations of the University of Pennsylvania, it’s Chinese donors, the Biden Center, and the Biden family and figure out what the hell is going on,” said Trump.

“As President, I took the most dramatic action of any administration to curtail China’s ability to conduct espionage in the United States. And when I’m back in the White House, those efforts will be expanded in a very, very big way,” the former president continued.

“Instead of hunting down Republicans, a reformed FBI and Justice Department will be hunting down Chinese spies,” he added.

If elected to serve a second term as President, Trump said his administration would provide businesses and schools with the means to root out Chinese infiltration, impose sanctions, travel restrictions, and other measures to ensure that the far east communist nation does not gain access to American national secrets.

“The FBI even recently admitted that China operates a secret police force on American soil — how do you like that one — imposing the iron first of the Communist Party, the rule, think of this, the Communist Party rule on Chinese nationals in the United States. Just think about that,” said Trump.

“We will shut that down and we will shut it down cold.”

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