It is pretty obvious that the current war between Russia and Ukraine is really just a proxy war the world’s super power (America) and Russia … a has been nation which may be even more corrupt than we are …. MAY BE.

The news is going crazy today after Putin switched up his strategy which the talking heads say will lead to a forever war with the rest of Europe …

This can’t be good …

Fox News reported:

Last week, Russia announced that it will make “major changes” to strengthen its armed forces’ during the 2023-2026 time period, a sign that Moscow is recasting its approach in Ukraine. Vladimir Putin’s new strategy is focused on fighting a large-scale war rather than a “special military operation.” Here’s why this change will likely result in a permanent conflict in the European theater.

The roots of the war

Russia and US-led NATO — a proxy party to the war — view each other as their respective top security threats. Biden’s current National Security Strategy describes Russia as an “immediate threat.” Russia’s post-Soviet military doctrine has codified NATO as the “primary danger.”

Ukraine is the buffer state that each side seeks to rely on in the event of a direct NATO vs. Russia war. Trading territory for enemy’s blood to protect the heartland is the essence of this approach. It is why the question of control over Ukraine has been festering since the collapse of the U.S.S.R. in 1991, and it is where the balance of power in Eurasia has been contested for centuries.

Having won the Cold War, the U.S. has been incorporating Ukraine into the Western orbit, allowing the U.S. and Europe to reduce their military posture in Europe. Ukrainians are valiantly fighting the Russians, having sacrificed thousands of military personnel and 20,000 to 40,000 civilians to death or injury to hold the line, while the majority of NATO countries, 22 of 30, fail to contribute the required two percent of GDP towards common defense. Washington views the arming of Ukraine as a sound investment to bleed the Russian military.

Russia, which has been invaded three times in the last 200 years and has seen its buffer zone with NATO reduced to as little as 100 miles, after the Baltic states joined NATO in 2004, has drawn a red line over Ukraine.

Moscow views NATO expansion into Ukraine in the same way as if a Russia-lead Collective Security Treaty Organization moved into Mexico. In other words, the outcome of this war is existential for Putin, who is determined to keep Ukraine away from NATO, even if he has to destroy it.

All Out War Strategy

Putin believes his ultimate fear of having to fight a conventional war with NATO is becoming reality. The arrival of 100 Ukrainian troops in Oklahoma to train on the Patriot missile defense system and the Pentagon’s commitment to provide 50 Bradley Fighting Vehicles to Kyiv is taking the conflict to a new level.

Putin is moving to an all-out war strategy, developed on his orders after the Russian military strategists forecast a direct confrontation with NATO a decade ago.

In anticipation of retaliation by Ukraine and possibly NATO to his massive escalation in the theater, Putin is fortifying Moscow, to protect himself, his family, and the Russian elites.

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