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Pillow Guy, Mike Lindell Announces MAJOR LAWSUIT!

Steven Ahle| ICYMI| In 2016, Americans dodged a bullet when Merrick Garland was kept off the Supreme Court. Barack Obama and the Democrats tried to make the argument that Garland was a moderate judge.

Nothing could have been further from the truth. Anyone paying even a little bit of attention can see how corrupt Garland has been since being named as the Attorney General of the United States.

The DOJ has been issuing subpoenas to anyone who may have said hello to President Trump over the past twenty years. The latest case is the seizure of MyPillow’s Mike Lindell, who found himself surrounded by FBI agents at a Hardee’s, and the seizure of his telephone.

He is now suing the FBI for violating his constitutional rights. Lindell gave an interview to Steve Bannon, who has personal experience in the way injustice has been served under Merrick Garland. Under Justice Garland being a conservative could be a capital offense. Lindell wants his phone back, but he wants more than that.

The seizure of Lindell’s phone was seemingly for intimidation purposes only. Garland has already labeled many conservatives who belong to fringe groups such as parents of kids who attend school as domestic terrorists. Lindell had already turned over all of his phone records in the Dominion lawsuit, therefore seizing the phone was not necessary.

Lindell runs his business by the use of his phone and his hearing aids are connected to Bluetooth from the telephone. But, this was not done to intimidate Lindell, because he has already proven that can’t be done.

The phone seizure was a way of intimidating you and me. We are supposed to see what Garland and the RFBI are doing on a daily basis and become frighted it could happen to us.

Look at what the FBI is doing. They dropped in on a New Jersey woman, Lisa Gallagher, claiming that they got an anonymous tip that she was part of the J6 riots. They scared her half to death and she never went to Washington. And that story about an anonymous tip is more than likely as true as the bilge the White House puts out every day.

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