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BREAKING: Jim Jordan Announces MAJOR Investigation Into Biden’s Crimes Against America

Syndicated with permission via Valiant News| Tom Pappert|

Today Rep. Jim Jordan announced that his first investigation as chairman of the House Judiciary Committee will be a thorough examination of Joe Biden’s “mishandling” of classified documents left in his garage.

Jordan revealed that he and other House Republicans would provide oversight over Biden’s documents, which have now been discovered in three separate locations at his Delaware beach home, including his locked garage. According to Fox News, Jordan added that Republicans would also examine how the Department of Justice handled its investigation.

“We are conducting oversight of the Justice Department’s actions with respect to former Vice President Biden’s mishandling of classified documents, including the apparently unauthorized possession of classified material at a Washington, D.C., private office and in the garage of his Wilmington, Delaware, residence,” wrote Jordan and Rep. Mike Johnson in a letter to Garland today, according to Fox News.

Jordan also questioned how long the Department of Justice knew about these “mishandled” classified documents before the story was made public:

“It is unclear when the Department first came to learn about the existence of these documents, and whether it actively concealed this information from the public on the eve of the 2022 elections,” Jordan wrote. “It is also unclear what interactions, if any, the Department had with President Biden or his representatives about his mishandling of classified material. The Department’s actions here appear to depart from how it acted in similar circumstances.”

Interestingly, Jordan and Johnson’s letter calls into question the appointment of Robert Hur as a Special Counsel to review Biden’s “mishandling” of documents:

“On January 12, 2023, you appointed Robert Hur as Special Counsel to investigate these matters,” they wrote. “The circumstances of this appointment raise fundamental oversight questions that the Committee routinely examines. We expect your complete cooperation with our inquiry.”

In the wake of Hur’s appointment, Valiant News reported that he once reportedly suppressed information about a federal government raid on an FBI whistleblower who claimed to have proof that the law enforcement agency did not thoroughly investigate the Clinton Foundation in 2018.

When suppressing information about why the whistleblower was raided, Hur claimed that “Making this type of information public while this investigation is ongoing could harm the government’s ability to find additional relevant evidence,” and said it should be kept server to prevent the “possible tampering of witnesses and destruction of evidence, and to maintain the ability of the grand jury to investigate this matter.”

After the second batch of documents was discovered in Biden’s garage, many speculated that the document boxes seen in a 2020 video of Biden driving his Corvette may be the classified materials.

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