BIDEN IN PANIC MODE After Huge Discovery At His Delaware Home

Via Times of India

More classified documents were found at Biden’s home in Delaware.

This is a huge national security risk.  How could this have happened?

Biden has been embroiled in controversy before for his handling of classified information, and now this. This raises serious questions about his ability to keep our country safe.

Fox News reported:

Prominent conservatives on social media blasted the Biden administration Saturday over the news that even more classified information has been found on his property and several conservatives wondered aloud why the FBI hasn’t raided his home like they did with former President Donald Trump.

“Remember when the FBI raided Mar-A-Lago over a presidential paperwork dispute they had no patience resolving after spending years patiently resolving other presidential paperwork disputes and not even noticing VP Biden hoovered up classified docs and spreading them all over?” Fox News Contributor Mollie Hemingway tweeted Saturday.

“ANOTHER trove of classified documents found in the Biden residence,” Republican Congresswoman Lauren Boebert tweeted. “This is after Cringe Karine said that the search of Biden’s home was complete.”

“Looks like they’ve got documents coming out of the woodworks over in Wilmington. Still no FBI raid…”

“Biden White House Counsel travels to Biden Delaware home with Biden DOJ officials to look for docs — AFTER Special Counsel is appointed?” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton tweeted. “But Trump’s home gets FBI raid after Biden DOJ officials refuse Trump offer to let them look through records.  Biden DOJ is corrupt mess.”

“Full FBI raid happens when?” Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz tweeted.


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