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ALET: Biden Just Made Millions Of Gun Owners Felons If They Don’t Turn In Their Guns NOW

The Biden administration has done it again. They’ve gone and banned something that law-abiding, hard-working Americans use to protect themselves.

This time, they’re banning arm braces for pistols. What are arm braces? They’re devices that attach to a pistol and make it easier to shoot. They help people with disabilities shoot more accurately.

They’ve been used by hundreds of thousands of Americans to protect themselves from criminals.

But the Biden administration doesn’t care about that. They don’t care about the fact that these devices make it easier for law-abiding Americans to defend themselves.

They only care about making it harder for Americans to exercise their Second Amendment rights. This latest ban is just another example of the Biden administration’s war on gun owners.

They’re hell-bent on taking away our guns, and they’ll stop at nothing to do it. We need to stand up to them and fight back against this tyrannical government!

The Gateway Pundit reported:

The tyrannical Biden Regime remains determined not to let the U.S. Constitution stop its war on law-abiding gun owners. Not satisfied with last year’s gun control victory, thanks to Republican sell-outs, the Regime’s Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) unveiled a rule which will criminalize millions of law-abiding gun owners.

The Reload’s Stephen Gutowski reported that the agency plans to reclassify pistol braces, a highly popular gun accessory, in a way which would ban them unless registered with the ATF. Anyone who refuses to comply could face up to ten years in prison.

So a person who wants to keep a gun with a pistol brace will have to participate in a federal gun registry or go to jail. Is there any question the Regime would utilize this registry to harass these gun owners in several ways?

The ATF previously ruled such braces were completely legal. Yet the Regime’s ATF will simply dare the courts to stop their assault on Americans and the Constitution.

From the Reload:

Millions of Americans face the threat of federal felony charges over guns they purchased legally thanks to a new rule released by the ATF.

The agency announced plans to publish the final version of their rule reclassifying pistol braces, a popular firearm accessory, on Friday. The rule, which President Joe Biden requested as part of his efforts to unilaterally reform gun laws, would effectively ban the use of braces unless registered with the ATF. Anyone who does not comply with the rule could be subject to upwards of ten years in federal prison despite the agency previously ruling the braces were legal multiple times over the past decade.

“While firearms equipped with ‘stabilizing braces’ or other rearward attachments may be submitted to ATF for a new classification determination, a majority of the existing firearms equipped with a ‘stabilizing brace’ are likely to be classified as ‘rifles’ because they are configured for shoulder fire based on the factors described in this rule,” the ATF said in the rule. “Because many of these firearms generally have a barrel of less than 16 inches, they are likely to be classified as short-barreled rifles subject to regulation and registration under the [National Firearms Act (NFA)] and [Gun Control Act].”

The agency says that nearly everyone with a pistol-brace-equipped gun is “violating the NFA by possessing an unregistered rifle with a barrel of less than 16 inches.”

The rule has wide-ranging implications for many American gun owners as pistol braces have exploded in popularity since the ATF first determined they did not convert pistols into heavily-regulated short-barrel rifles back in 2012. The exact number of braces already in circulation is unclear, but the number is well into the millions. The ATF itself estimates three to seven million of the devices exist. The Congressional Research Service puts the number much higher at somewhere between 10 and 40 million.

The Biden Administration’s decision to move forward with the ban comes after hundreds of thousands of comments opposing the regulation were left during its public comment period. It also comes in the immediate aftermath of the Fifth Circuit ruling against the Trump-era bump stock ban. That policy was implemented through the same rulemaking process and after the ATF had also previously declared bump stocks to fall outside the NFA’s purview, which could foreshadow legal problems for the new pistol brace rule.

Gun rights groups from Gun Owners of America to The Second Amendment Foundation have vowed to fight this new rule in Court. But even if they succeed, what is to stop the Regime from simply creating a similar one or ignoring the courts altogether?

American gun owners across the country must not register their pistol braces and give in to this power grab. The Regime cannot effectively target gun owners if all refuse to comply.

In the longer term, we must abolish the ATF altogether and cripple future Democrat regimes’ ability to circumvent the Constitution.

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