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Dozens of Secret Chinese Police Stations Discovered Throughout America

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Would a small town resident in the United States be suspicious if a police station from another town, one halfway across the country, set up a department in their hometown? It would do nothing less than raise a few questions about why.

Common sense says the above scenario would never happen. Police forces work jointly, but they don’t set up secret departments. So, how unlikely would it be that the U.S. would allow a country halfway around the world to do the same thing?

The chances would be slim to none, right? Wrong, very wrong. What’s more alarming is what country has established police stations throughout the world, including the U.S. The country is the biggest threat to American democracy. It’s our greatest and most dangerous adversary.

Americans should want to know why China is being allowed to set up police stations and staff them with communist sympathizers. The human rights organization, Safeguard Defenders, has recently added another four dozen secret Chinese police stations to its September 2022 list.

This isn’t only happening in the United States. China is steadily expanding a global policing scheme. When we consider that China is an authoritarian dictatorship that suppresses free speech and commits genocide within its own borders, what could possibly go wrong?

These secret police departments are in Milan, Italy. The reported total number of these departments is now over 100, including locations in Los Angeles and New York. According to Chinese authorities, the pilot program is to find and return criminals back to China.

In July 2022, Chinese authorities allegedly claimed that their overseas operations had been responsible for returning dozens of criminals. At best, this is an authoritarian scheme used by an oppressive dictatorship to maintain control over their people.

Who knows if these people were really criminals or simply citizens who disagreed with the Chinese Communist Party and fled the nation? The process of returning wanted criminals to face justice is what extradition laws are for.

We wonder how China would react to a U.S. police force setting up shop in Beijing. It wouldn’t happen. This whole program is absurd. U.S. officials should ask each of these departments to disband, and the officers returned to China. If they refuse, we should help them. Photo Credit: YouTube/Jake Tran

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