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BREAKING: Pelosi Was Keeping ‘Attacker’ As SEX SLAVE & Elon Musk WARNED US Says His Son

Syndicated with permission via Valiant News| Andrew White|

The son of David DePape has broken his silence and says his father may have been a “sex slave,” casting doubt on the mainstream media narrative surrounding the alleged Paul Pelosi “attack” in October.

DePape is accused of assaulting the husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi with a hammer in their California home under questionable circumstances.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, DePape’s son, Nebosvod “Sky” Gonzalez, said that his father has lived a long life of suffering and abuse.

“There is ‘almost no person on this planet that has gone through so much suffering. If you look into his eyes, you can see he’s such a sad person,” Gonzalez, 19, said.

“He often told us he was raised in an abusive home and would be physically abused by his grandparents,” he added.

Many Democrats and mainstream media figures have made fervent efforts to dispel theories that the encounter may have been a homosexual trist gone sour, insisting that Paul Pelosi is not gay.

However, Gonzalez added fuel to the homosexuality prospect by hinting that his father may have been a “sex slave” — a suggestion that was briefly amplified by Twitter CEO and African American billionaire Elon Musk, much to the dismay of his critics.

The youth speculated that DePape may not have even assaulted the husband of the House Speaker, as alleged by law enforcement.

“He isn’t a danger to society, I don’t even know if he even attacked Mr. Pelosi. For all that we know he was some sort of sex slave, as Elon Musk pointed out,” Gonzalez noted.

“I’m surprised about the whole thing. There is still a lot of info that hasn’t been given to the public. I have no clue what happened or how it happened. There are more questions than answers right now. Do we even know what really happened?” the teen continued.

Speaking on claims that DePape is a “right wing extremist” or radical supporter of 45th President Donald Trump, as suggested by several Democrats and mainstream media pundits, Gonzalez informed the Daily Mail that his father was a member of the left wing Green Party, and suggested that the alleged assault was not political in nature.

“My father had progressive views. He believed in human rights, equality, and justice. He was against the war, he was a peace activist, hardly a right-wing conservative, as he has been branded,” he said.

The teen added that he sympathizes with Pelosi, but added that “we don’t know what happened. I don’t know whether or not my father did what he’s been accused of. So far, what we know doesn’t make any sense.”

“I really love my dad and don’t want him to suffer anymore,” he said.

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