LMAO! Fox Host Compares Kamala Harris To A Fart [VIDEO]

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ICYMI| It was comedy hour on ‘The Five’ Wednesday thanks to a suggestion to send vp Kamala Harris into California to rescue failing Gov Gavin Newson. When host Greg Gutfeld found out about this half-baked plan he just had to weigh in. Newsom is facing recall and some overpaid brain trust (I’m sure) decided that ‘do-nothing’ is the one to save him.

This might be proof that liberals can have a sense of humor— Not really. As Gutfeld put it, Harris is just as unpopular as she is invisible so this should be fun.

Co-host Dana Perino asked Gutfeld for his take on Biden’s rapidly declining approval numbers. “Greg, it used to be for a few months the president’s worst [poll] numbers were on immigration — and they were really bad, like in the 30s — but now he’s upside down on Afghanistan, COVID, economy, crime, and immigration,” Perino observed. “So that’s not a good trajectory.”

“Yeah, everything he touches turns to poop,” Gutfeld answered before apparently losing interest and heading right for the California recall news. Specifically, Harris helping Newsom. “I want to talk about the recall. That excites me.”

Gutfeld continued, saying that “Kamala is going to help him out” before asking “The Five” panel whether Harris is “the worst vice president in the history of vice presidents.”

“Well, we’ve had some bad ones,” co-host Jesse Watters added.

Gutfeld went in for the kill saying, “Sending Kamala to help Gavin is like asking Charlie Sheen to be your sponsor at AA. This is not a good decision.”

He added that Harris “has the persuasive skills of gout. She’s able to do two things that no person could possibly do: Be invisible and unpopular. Like flatulence. She’s political flatulence.”


Sending Harris in to rescue anyone is comedic low-hanging fruit but Gutfeld’s new nickname for the invisible vp as the ‘political flatulents’ just made my day. I hope you got a kick out of it too.

Personally, I’m excited about the upcoming recall and look forward to California finally getting a real Republican governor. Having Harris freeze out liberal voters would just be the cherry on top.


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