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VIDEO: Chuck Schumer’s Underage Boy Sexual Propositioning Link Exposed … BUT …

Syndicated with permission via Valiant News| Tom Pappert|

A well known Democratic political consultant in Washington, D.C. was allegedly busted attempting to meet an underage boy for sex by a controversial activist, a Chris Hansen-style video posted to YouTube claims.

The video, posted by Jacob Wohl, opens with claims of lewd text messages allegedly sent by Andrew Koneschusky, a well-known Democratic political consultant who once worked for Sen. Chuck Schumer. Wohl and his “Predator DC” team claim Koneschusky believed he was communicating with a minor, and made plans to visit the minor’s home for the purpose of having sex.

One alleged conversation highlighted by Wohl purportedly shows Koneschusky instruct the minor to shave in order to prepare for intercourse.

The video shows a man, allegedly Koneschusky, enter the home and be led into a kitchen, where he is left alone and asked to remove his shirt. Shortly after removing his shirt, Wohl and several other men enter the room with cameras rolling.

Valiant News contacted Koneschusky and asked whether he is the man in the video, and whether he has any comment on the video, and did not receive an immediate response.

However, the man seen in the video bears strong resemblance to publicly available photos of Koneschusky, including the one available on his LinkedIn account. A handle listed publicly as Koneschusky’s Twitter account appears to have been deactivated or deleted.

On his LinkedIn, Koneschusky informs readers that he was named one of PR Week’s “40 Under 40” in 2014, and describes himself as a “Public affairs and crisis communications executive” for a crisis management firm, a field he’s apparently worked in since 2007.

Koneschusky worked for Democratic Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer as his press secretary prior to transitioning into crisis management, and prior to working for Schumer, he was once the “former executive director and communications director for the Louisiana state Democratic Party,” according to a press release announcing his departure from Schumer’s office in 2007.

“Predator DC” is the latest project of Wohl and Jack Burkman, the controversial conservative political activists who have allegedly made false claims and pushed manufactured stories to conservative websites.

As recently as October 24, Wohl and Burkman entered guilty pleas for charges of telecommunications fraud in Ohio, according to a press release published by Republican Attorney General David Yost. The charges stemmed from robocalls made by Wohl and Burkman that the state determined were “designed to suppress voter turnout in minority neighborhoods.”

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