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GWP Releases Damning ELECTION FRAUD Evidence … This Is INSANE

Well, well, well, lookie here!

Going into the midterm elections we were all expecting HUGE wins from the Republicans seeing as the Democrats have gone so far over the left cliff (bringing the country with them) that nearly everyone we talk to is now leaning right.

Well, as we now know, that did not happen and we are all scratching our heads as to why.

Take a look at this … as usual, The Gateway Pundit just unearthed some damning evidence that there was some serious BS going on in the midterms!

The Gateway Pundit reported:

The numbers just don’t add up.  

The Arizona 2022 election was a mess.  It appears that it was meant to be a mess.  The Democrats and RINOs in the GOP did not want to see Arizona GOP candidates for statewide races win.  These candidates were excellent and tied to President Trump but the establishment didn’t want them.

Corrupt Maricopa County Supervisor Bill Gates Says Election Of Trump-Endorsed Candidates Was A “Catastrophe” – Suggests GOP NEEDS TO LOSE IN GENERAL ELECTION

The election comes and there are innumerable incidents across the state where the voters were disenfranchised or prevented from voting.  Election day voters were Republicans who backed the MAGA initiative.

The results after all the chicanery put the corrupt Democrats in the lead.

However, there are numerous anomalies in these results that indicate potential fraud or ballot manipulation.

TGP already reported that it is very suspicious that the GOP candidates for State Treasurer and State Mine Inspector received thousands of more votes than the candidates for Gov, SoS, Senate and AG.

These results should never be certified. 

In addition, the statewide races for Gov, SoS, Senate and AG received hundreds of thousands of votes less than the cumulative votes for US House seats.  This is almost impossible that the down-ballot races would receive more votes than the statewide races.

Also, it appears that there were thousands of excess ballots recorded in the US Senate and Governor races when compared to the other races.

In addition, it appears impossible that the Democrats would receive hundreds of thousands of votes more in the statewide races than they did in US House races across the state and the GOP would receive tens of thousands of votes less than the US House races across the state. 

The results in Arizona should never be certified.  DO OVER!

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