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For a democracy to survive, the elections of government officials must be secure and accurate. Anything else will destroy the public’s trust. Unfair or potentially compromised election results will destroy a democracy quicker than anything else.

Timely and valid election results are essential. If there appears to be the slightest discrepancy, the vote totals must be checked and rechecked if necessary. When it comes to discrepancies, there have been far too many in recent U.S. elections.

The 2020 presidential election had hundreds of perceived discrepancies. Many experts still do not believe the final outcome of that vital election was correct. They point to widespread evidence where the actual vote count did not realistically match the final numbers.

There are those who believe Joe Biden cheated by manipulating the election process. There’s a growing suspicion that the same thing may have happened again during the midterm elections. The gubernatorial and U.S. Senate elections in Arizona have raised eyebrows.

The number of glitches and errors both during and after the Arizona midterms is astounding. Pennsylvania had questionable errors even before Election Day arrived. There were legal battles initially, but many of those have been dropped.

Georgia had issues, despite providing a solid foundation for vote integrity with new election laws. A single, overlooked memory card turned out to be vitally important to the outcome. This one memory card full of uncounted votes flipped the results in a special election.

The race ended up being decided by 31 votes. Initially, Madelyn Orochena was declared the winner. However, upon discovery of the memory card of votes, Lynette Burnette was pronounced the winner in the Kennesaw City Council race.

No one has yet provided any details about what happened to this memory card or how the votes on it were overlooked. Orochena told WSB-TV that she’s “just doing all that I can do that’s within my rights to regain some confidence that this was a fair election.”

Burnette released a statement to Fox5 Atlanta. She said that she’s “humbled to have the opportunity to serve the people of Kennesaw.” But she almost didn’t get this opportunity. This is just another rather bizarre progression of events surrounding an election in the United States.

These bizarre events are happening far too frequently. They completely undermine the public’s trust in our vital elections. One of the most crucial U.S. Senate elections is about to have a runoff.

Republican Herschel Walker will try to overcome the odds and defeat incumbent Democrat Raphael Warnock. The outcome is tremendously significant. It will establish the guidelines for the makeup of Senate committees. It could also leave the U.S. Senate split evenly at 50-50.

Despite VP Kamala Harris having the tie-breaking vote, the Georgia runoff is far from inconsequential. All eyes will be on Georgia on December 6. What happened in a Georgia city council election should never happen. Lost votes, regardless of the reason, are unacceptable.

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