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Infamous Democrat ABRUPTLY RESIGNS⚠️

ICYMI A week or so ago … When we fled the People’s Republic of New Jersey we had a hard time deciding between Texas and Florida.

Luckily for us we ended up choosing the Sunshine State and boy has it paid off!

We have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in state income tax, preserved countless rights for ourselves and more importantly, our children.

Governor DeSantis has been a blessing, really shinning when it came to his handling of ‘you know, the thing’ allowing Florida to remain ‘open’ for MUCH longer than the totalitarian many states like NJ, NY, CA and the like.

Now, if I were a Democrat (God forbid) the last person I would want to be running against is Ron DeSantis …  However, that is exactly what career political Charlie Christ is planning on doing …

The Gateway Pundit is reporting:

‘Florida Democrat gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist abruptly resigned from Congress on Wednesday.

Crist announced he will be resigning as a Representative serving Florida’s 13th Congressional District before his term is up.

“US Representative Charlie Crist announced that effective close of business today, August 31, he will resign from his position as US Representative for Florida’s 13th Congressional District.,” the statement said.

“Casework operations will continue under the Office of Florida’s 13th Congressional District until newly elected members take office in 2023.” he said.

“When I took office nearly six years ago, I vowed to defend our Veterans, bring jobs to Florida, fight climate change, and put people over politics,” he said.

Crist resigned from Congress to campaign against highly popular Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Democrat Crist isn’t off to a good start.

Last week Crist labeled DeSantis supporters “haters” in his first press conference since winning the primary.

“Those who support [Ron DeSantis] should stay with him and vote for him,” Crist said shaking his fist.’

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