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ALERT: Think Twice Before Flying Jet Blue … Here’s Why

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The COVID-19 pandemic killed millions of people. It was a horrific public health disaster. A novel coronavirus, which mysteriously leaked from a virology lab in Wuhan, China, triggered the worst global health crisis in more than 100 years. It has been tragic.

However, a deadly virus created a lot of collateral damage as well. National economies collapsed. Virtually every corner of the planet is still affected by COVID-19 in some fashion. COVID-19 has had a profound effect on air travel.

Beyond the inconvenience of producing proof of vaccine, wearing a mask, and other needless obstacles passengers endure, there has been another surprising effect. The airline industry has lost literally hundreds of qualified commercial pilots.

According to Reuters, more than half the world’s airline pilots are no longer flying for a living. It doesn’t take a mathematics degree to figure out that this is going to create a terrible pilot shortage. It has.

Airlines have been forced to compromise passenger safety. Some companies are pushing to use a single pilot instead of two. This is a huge safety concern, but they’re trying to do it, anyway. There are other reasons for the pilot shortage.

Nevertheless, pandemic policies bear a great deal of the blame. Where have all the pilots gone? But maybe more troubling than the questions about why airline pilots are quitting, is what some airlines are doing to fill the void.

FOX News’ Tucker Carlson stumbled upon a few startling revelations. Now, most airlines still refuse to hire pilots who will not submit to the “less than effective COVID-19 vaccine.” There is growing evidence that the side effects of the shot may be worse than the virus itself.

Now we’re back to why the airline industry is experiencing a devastating pilot shortage. As we noted, most companies forced pilots to be vaccinated. Hundreds refused. Therefore, we’ve lost a chunk of the licensed pilot workforce because of vaccine mandates.

But that’s not deterring some airlines from filling the void with “any old flyer.” JetBlue has resorted to hiring felons. The company refuses to hire a pilot who hasn’t submitted to the COVID-19 vaccine, but they’ll gladly take on board a convicted criminal.

Carlson was flabbergasted when he discovered JetBlue’s hiring of John Perrys. The award-winning primetime host asked, “Is this a real story?” Sadly, it is all too real. Pilots, who, for personal reasons, did not want to submit to a hastily tested medicine, were fired.

But a pilot, a man who broke into a judge’s home and physically assaulted the judge’s daughter, can fly a commercial airplane for JetBlue. When JetBlue’s slogan proclaims, “You Above All,” they really mean “Profits above all.”

Instead of finding a workable solution to the now “proven to be unnecessary vaccine mandates,” JetBlue is allowing convicted felons to fly you across the “friendly skies.” Carlson brought Daily Wire Investigative Reporter Luke Rosiak on his show recently.

Carlson began by asking Rosiak about the widespread protests in China against the country’s “zero COVID” policies. The discussion condemned U.S. officials and reporters who actually supported China’s tyrannical stamp down on its citizens.

Finally, the discussion shifted to Perrys. Keep in mind that Perrys is on federal probation for the next 22 years. The hiring has created a storm of controversy among airline pilots across multiple companies. JetBlue said it was forced to institute a company-wide vaccine mandate.

The company insists that because they are a federal contractor, the Biden rule for mandatory vaccines applies to them. One pilot who wishes to remain anonymous said, “Apparently JetBlue won’t hire unvaccinated pilots, but they will hire violent convicted felons to fly their airplanes.”

Both Carlson and his guest castigated the mandate. Rosiak and Carlson believe it’s incoherent and counterproductive. New data shows that a majority of people currently dying from COVID-19 are vaccinated. The vaccines are not helping. In fact, they’re making things worse.

There’s an amusing twist to Perrys’ story. He was convicted of assault while “wearing a mask.” The assault happened in 2005, so there wasn’t a mask mandate. However, what this story does prove is the insanity surrounding COVID policy, especially vaccine mandates.

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