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BREAKING: NYC Declares STATE OF EMERGENCY … But Is It Already Too Late?!

UAFReport| Daniel|  With millions of illegal immigrants still spilling across the border into the United States, governors like Greg Abbott has been sending them off to other cities like Washington, D.C., Chicago, and New York City.

Well, they don’t seem to like that very much and NYC Mayor Eric Adams has even declared a state of emergency for the influx of immigrants.

According to ABC 7 NY,

The number of people in New York City shelters is setting new records daily amid the unyielding arrival of asylum seekers bused from Texas and elsewhere.

On Friday, New York Mayor Eric Adams declared a state of emergency and announced an executive order to suspend land use requirements to help the city cope with the influx of people.

Adams said he was “angry” the city’s compassion was being “exploited by others for political gain” and what he called a “humanitarian crisis” the mayor said is being “accelerated by American politics dynamics.”

There are 61,000 people currently in the shelter system, “straining our ability to care for New Yorkers in need,” Adams said. He expects the city will have spent $1 billion by the end of the fiscal year

5,500 migrant children have been enrolled in city schools.

Of the 61,000 people in shelters, 20,000 are children. One on five is an asylum seeker.

More than 17,000 asylum seekers have been bused to NYC.

This seems like it’s just the most ridiculous bunch of hypocrisy that I’ve seen lately. This liberal has the audacity to claim that 17,000 people being bussed into his city is just reason to declare a state of emergency, but having millions come across our border into a different state is not? Give me a break! This is rank hypocrisy.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I applaud the governors who have been sending the illegal immigrants to cities that are supposed to be more “sanctuary cities” for them. If they’re going to voice their support for immigration in this manner and declare themselves a sanctuary for them, then it’s time to put up or shut up.

Here’s what I thought was rich: Adams said, “Although our compassion is limitless, our resources are not. This is unsustainable.”

YESSS!!! That’s exactly what we’ve been trying to tell Democrats for decades!

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