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BREAKING: Democrat Arrested On TERRORISM Charges

Imagine my shock …

What a difference a decade or two makes when it comes to what defines this nation’s political parties.

Those of us who have been voting Republican, or at least did when Bush was running have to own up to voting for the party that lead us into the biggest debacle of the last 25 years.

I’m talking about the events that, in hind sight, did enormous damage, not only to the entire Middle East and it’s stability, but to this nation, it’s young men and women in uniform, our national debt and economy as a whole … I Afghan and Iraq wars.

Back in those days I will admit it, I was ‘pro war.’  I wanted revenge for 9/11 (which is a whole other topic in and of itself we can debate).

However, I’ve learned from my mistakes and now realize that we must avoid war at all costs.  Meanwhile, the Democrats have been foaming at the mouth for years now in the hopes of starting a war with a freaking nuclear bomb armed nation run by a complete psychopathic killer, Vladimir Putin.

Their blood lust knows no bounds.  Don’t take my word for it, listen to Diamond Arnold-Johnson …

HAT TIP: Elder Patriot – The Post Millennial reported:

The Democratic candidate for Arkansas auditor was arrested Friday morning on an outstanding warrant.

Diamond Arnold-Johnson was arrested by Little Rock police on an outstanding warrant for felony terroristic threatening, reports KARK.

Arnold-Johnson reportedly recorded video of officers arriving at her door on Facebook Livestream, showing herself opening the door for them. Uniformed Little Rock Police Department officers then arrested Arnold-Johnson, who is running for Arkansas state auditor.

Early voting has been underway since Monday. The election is set to take place on Nov. 8.

The Democratic Party of Arkansas released a statement after Arnold-Johnson’s arrest, distancing themselves from their candidate.

“Earlier today, we were made aware that Diamond Arnold-Johnson was arrested by Little Rock Police. Everyone has the right to due process; however, our Party firmly believes people must be held accountable for any criminal behavior, especially candidates for public office,” the party stated. “The Democratic Party of Arkansas did not recruit her to run for Auditor of State, and we cannot bar her from running for this position. We remain focused on working for a better Arkansas and winning races across the state.”

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