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America Turns On Biden, He’s FINISHED! His Secret Is Out, There’s No More Hiding!

Syndicated with permission from  News| Tom Pappert| Nearly 60% of Americans are concerned that Joe Biden may not have the mental faculties to fulfill his duties as 46th President of the United States, a new poll reveals.

Polling from I&I/TIPP reveals that 59% of Americans are concerned that 79-year-old Biden may not have the mental acuity to fulfill his duties as the Leader of the Free World.

Of the 1,335 Americans who answered the poll, 59% say they are either “very concerned” with Biden’s mental health or “somewhat concerned” about the elderly president’s mind.

36% say they were “very concerned” about whether Biden’s brain works properly, and they are joined by 23% who say they are “somewhat concerned.” This, per Issues Insights, compares to only 18% of respondents who say they are “not very concerned” and 21% who say they are “not at all concerned.”

In total, this means 59% of Americans are questioning Biden’s mental health, compared to only 39% who are not.

The polling comes as Biden appears to experience more moments of senility, with the elderly president frequently shaking hands with thin air. Astute politicos will remember that earlier this year, Biden was shepherded away by a man dressed in an Easter Bunny costume after a member of the crowd attempted to ask him a question.

More recently, Biden was caught on video being unable to dress himself. His wife, First Lady Dr. Jill Biden, was forced to come to the rescue.

After managing to conquer the difficulties posed by a jacket, Biden then dropped his trademark sunglasses.

Some may be concerned that failing mental health may be clouding Biden’s judgment, as well.

This week he celebrated after learning that the monthly inflation rate for July of 2022 was “zero,” but failed to note that his administration has delivered an overall inflation rate of 8.5% in the less than two years Biden and his party have had total control over the federal government.

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