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VIDEO: Suspect Charged In SAVAGE High School Bathroom Beatdown: ‘Not His First Rodeo’

Syndicated with permission via Valiant News| Tom Pappert| A suspect has been arrested for the beating seen in a horrifying high school assault seen more than 1.3 million times in a viral video on Twitter.

The video shows a young student being brutalized in a high school bathroom. A white student’s head is slammed into a wall by a black teenager who appears older. The assailant then kicks the victim while he is already on the ground, and as the smaller boy begins to stand up, the attacker kicks him squarely in the chest.

Multiple students are seen watching the violent incident, and none of them attempted to stop the assault or help the victim. It’s now been revealed that the suspect has had previous encounters with law enforcement, and was only recently released from a juvenile detention facility.

While the clip has more than one million views on Twitter after being tweeted by independent reporter Dan Lyman, the platform has marked it as “potentially sensitive content” and made it more difficult to watch. It remains available on, the free speech video hosting website.

Warning: Content may be graphically disturbing to some viewers.

New details have been released from dueling statements issued by the Texas school district where the incident occurred and an area politician who claims the school failed to keep its students safe and should be held at least partially responsible to blame for the attack.

The Beaumont Independent School District in Southeast Texas acknowledged the incident occurred in a West Brook High School bathroom, and confirmed it’s acted “to the fullest extent” to discipline the students involved, according to local news outlet KFDM, which obtained a statement from the district and the Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office, who confirmed an investigation is underway.

Conservatives have decried the event, with some calling on parents to homeschool their children, others citing the case as an example of the national media’s racial hypocrisy, and still more deriding public schools for devolving into violence.

“Violent, hate-filled predators are lose in our public schools,” Arizona Republican Party Chairwoman Kelli Ward wrote on Twitter. She added, “And ‘the system’ again puts innocent children in danger.”

“This kid could have died,” wrote another user. “This is insanity.”

A third added, “If this were white kids beating on a black kid, it would be headline news. This is truly sickening.”

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