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TRUMP CURSE Strikes RINO Who Voted To Impeach President Trump!

All of the polls showed that U.S. Rep. Peter Meijer had a huge lead in the primary for Michigan’s third district, but in the actual election, he was beaten by Trump-endorsed John Gibbs. This primary season, the polls have reflected who the Democrats wanted to win, not who was favored to win. This is just the latest example of that. Meijer had voted to impeach President Trump and that seemed to be a drag on his campaign.

This should also put to bed the myth that President Trump has lost his mojo in the Republican party as his endorsement rate is in the stratosphere and polling shows he dominates in the polls for the 2024 primary and general elections. He is the candidate Democrats most fear. They think they have a chance against Ron DeSantis. A Trump/DeSantis ticket could lead to at least 12 years of White House control.

Gibbs was a political appointee in former President Donald Trump’s Housing and Urban Development agency. Gibbs ran as an ultra-conservative. The district was won allegedly by Biden in 2020 and it is a lean Democratic district. Gibbs will have to fight hard and convince the voters that he will do a better job than a Democrat. Meijer was squishy at best.

Gibbs had about 52% of the vote to Meijer’s 48% with about 87% of precincts reporting when Meijer conceded the race and Gibbs claimed victory.

From The Detroit News

Trump called Gibbs shortly after 1 a.m. Wednesday to offer his congratulations, adding: “I’ll see you soon. I’m very proud of you, John.”

Gibbs told reporters Trump encouraged him to “keep it up” and continue “to kick butt.”

In a victory speech surrounded by supporters in the early morning hours Wednesday, he wished Meijer “the best in his future endeavors.”

“From here on out, we’re facing a challenge in November with a Democrat,” he said. “I think it’s going to turn out very favorably for us.”

Gibbs is expected to face a general election in a district President Joe Biden won in 2020 and that has been identified as one of the few districts Democrats may be capable of flipping in a tough mid-term election year. The Cook Political Report changed the race from a “toss up” to a “lean Democrat” after it called the race for Gibbs.

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