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The Absurdity of FBI Raid On Trump Exposed … It’s All LIES!

If you wrote this story for the movies, you would get a stack of rejection letters three feet tall. They would say the script is not believable. But just the same it is playing out on the national stage. The storyline is that the FBI had to raid Trump’s residence at Mar-a-Lago because he had nuclear secrets and they had to be secured. Generally, in cases like this, they would just ask for the documents.

But, now they say Merrick Garland deliberated for weeks over the raid. But, if Trump was holding something so sensitive and the FBI had to raid so quickly, why did Garland need weeks before retrieving the item they were allegedly seeking, and why did the FBI sit on the search warrant for three days? Their story has more holes than Swiss cheese.

Attorney General, Merrick Garland, debated for weeks whether to raid, President Trump’s home to go after records in the President’s possession:

Attorney General Merrick Garland deliberated for weeks over whether to approve the application for a warrant to search former President Donald Trump’s Florida home, people familiar with the matter said, a sign of his cautious approach that will be tested over the coming months.

The decision had been the subject of weeks of meetings between senior Justice Department and FBI officials, the people said. The warrant allowed agents last Monday to seize classified information and other presidential material from Mar-a-Lago.   

And to prove the raid was a fishing expedition, the FBI carted off boxes of privileged information between client and layer. The FBI could never get a warrant that would allow them to do it and the FBI agents are fully aware they do not have a legal right to seize it. They now admit they do have the materials and that they will return them… 2 weeks. How many copies can you make in two weeks?

This was not accidental. They did the same thing to Project Veritas. PV was able to get a Special master who would decide what the FBI could have, but by that time they could have made dozens of copies. I predict we will see this become a regular thing for the FBI to do.

From The Gateway Pundit

The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday that Biden’s corrupt Attorney General, Merrick Garland, debated for weeks whether to raid President Trump’s home to go after records in the President’s possession.

President Trump’s attorney Christina Bobb was onsite at Mar-a-Lago on the day of the raid and she believes the FBI has nothing.  They have no reason to raid the President’s home.   It looks more and more that she is right because none of their statements and Deep State reports make any sense.

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