Nearly 70% of Voters Say Joe Biden is Lying About Hunter’s Business Deals

It seems like everything day something comes out that ties JKoew Biden to Hunter’s influence-peddling schemes.

Remember when Joe Biden said this? “I have never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings,” he told reporters in Iowa in 2019. And he has never changed that line publicly.

That lie is not the thing people don’t like about him. But a Rasmussen poll shows that almost 70% think he is lying about what he knew about and at least some of Hunter’s sketchy business dealings.

Even worse, independent voters, Who cab shift the direction believe he lied by 67%.

From IJR

Simply put, those are damning results — and richly deserved.

Considering that Biden has been shielded by what amounts to a massive propaganda effort by the mainstream media — the same collection of dishonest jackals that hounded President Donald Trump’s presidency at even the slightest whiff of scandal — the fact that belief in Biden’s evident dishonesty is so widespread is a testament to the American voter.

Throughout the Trump years, the mainstream media engaged in an unending barrage of Trump conspiracy theories — like a man who had already built a billion-dollar empire and worldwide reputation on a real estate business and showed business savvy would betray his country just to build one more hotel … in Moscow.

Meanwhile, any coverage of even the most obvious implication of corruption in the Biden family — Hunter’s ludicrously well paid “job” with a Ukrainian energy company when he has no background in energy and no knowledge of Ukrainian and his dealings with Chinese billionaires, all documented in a 2020 Senate report — has been largely off limits for mainstream media news organizations.

These are the same woke news outlets that sat on or described it as Russian disinformation on Hunter’s laptop to prevent harm to the Biden campaign.

After the election, they finally acknowledged that the laptop was true. Both the New York Times and the Washington Post grudgingly admitted the laptop story was true,

Here is a recently released voicemail:

From IJR

Anyone honest person who has watched the news with only casual interest over the past 18 months can see the Biden presidency is a disaster — from the decline in the country’s status on the world stage since the disgraceful withdrawal from Afghanistan to the basket case Biden and his Democrats have created of an American economy that was thriving when he took office.



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