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Michigan News Station Posts Results of Primary Elections….That Will Be Held Next Week

A Michigan television posted the results of the 2022 GOP primary. The problem is that the election isn’t until next week. The establishment candidates all won by a landslide. Why would anyone be surprised? The same thing happened in Georgia, where some disliked Republicans won. Coincidentally, or maybe not, both “mistakes” were made in conjunction with the Associated Press, a well-known surrogate for the DNC. This should be construed as election interference.

Let’s face it, voters want to vote for the winner, and seeing the huge numbers the establishment got in the “mistake” it might get voters to change voting for the candidates they initially backed. These things do not happen in a vacuum, someone had to intentionally insert the results.

Last night, New Channel 3 WWMT TV was asked how the mistake could have happened and they replied:

“Thank you for your concern. Our apologies. We have been testing our systems with the Associated Press. The numbers you are seeing are not actual results. (Thanks…now notate that ON the page!) We have cleared the numbers. The actual primary results will populate after the polls close on Tuesday, Aug. 2”

Why do the mistakes go against conservatives? Inquiring minds want to know.

Michigan Statute 168.932 states:

“A person who violates 1 or more of the following subdivisions is guilty of a felony:

(a) A person shall not attempt, by means of bribery, menace, or other corrupt means or device, either directly or indirectly, to influence an elector in giving his or her vote, or to deter the elector from, or interrupt the elector in giving his or her vote at any election held in this state.

From The Gateway Pundit

Ironically, we saw the same thing in Georgia in their primary race. VoterGA pointed out on May 16, 2022, 8 days before the election, and once again orchestrated by the Associated Press. WSB News Director Suzanne Nadell explained that they did not expect the results to published live.

Why is it that the two controversial swing states with still scrutinized results, procedures and records retention are the ones that made the mistake of publishing results without disclaimers letting electors know these are not symbolic of any particular voting?

Why are the results released in Michigan predominantly GOP races with only a handful of lower ticket democrat races published?

How is this data determined and why is it made public?



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