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Media & Left Caught Red Handed Trying To Spark Race War/Riots

Leftists tried to spread another race hoax in order to start race riots and distract the country from the natural disasters known as Joe Biden and the Democratic Party. They did so after realizing that Abraham Lincoln was right. You can’t fool all of the people all of the time, so they tried to fool all of the people some of the time instead.

Far-Left activists and some media organizations claimed that Kansas City police shot an unarmed pregnant Black woman five times just because she was Black last week. Unfortunately for them, the police were wearing body cams at the time.  The woman, Leonna M. Hale, 26, tried to aid in the myth by swearing that she was never armed.

As you can see for yourself, she was most definitely armed at the time of the confrontation, just as two policemen stated in their reports. Both said they shot her because they feared for their lives.

Fox 4 reported:

“Video surveillance from body cameras showed Hale being told to drop the firearm and pointing it at the officers before the officers fired three shots. One officer told investigators she feared that Hale was going to shoot her and she discharged her firearm one time. A second officer also told investigators that he believed Hale had a firearm pointed at him.”

Hale has been charged with several counts, including unlawful possession of a firearm, unlawful use of a weapon, and resisting arrest.

From The Daily Wire

“The two officers stated that she was armed with what they believed to be a handgun,” Baker added. “Body camera footage confirms the officers’ statements that Hale was holding a handgun. Still photos, taken from body cam footage, of this encounter also demonstrate a weapon was present and in the hands of the defendant.”

Baker blasted the “false narratives” that exploded on social media stemming from the false claims that the suspect was unarmed.

“Some false narratives about what happened last Friday night at 6th and Prospect Avenue, unfortunately, were relied upon by some media and other sources,” he said. “Our job, as prosecutors, is to remain neutral and review all evidence. Our review of body cam videos provided the actual accounting of events that night.”

Journalist Andy Ngo documented many of the examples of far-Left activists and leftist news organizations that promoted the claim that Hale was unarmed.


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