President Trump Accused of Attempted Murder … Of Who?!


Rich Welsh|  On CNN’s “Erin Burnett OutFront” on Thursday, former Harvard Law professor Laurence Tribe said that former President Donald Trump tried to murder Vice President Mike Pence on January 6, 2021. This made me wonder what is the exact date and time that Laurence Tribe lost his mind.

Burnett asked, “From everything you have seen so far, including the hearing today that focused so much on Trump causing violence against Pence, do you believe the committee has proven that Trump himself knowingly committed crimes?”

Tribe, 80, responded, “Without any doubt, beyond a reasonable doubt, beyond any doubt, and the crimes are obvious. The most obvious was that he was ordering his vice-president to do what everyone in the room knew would be illegal, namely, exercise power to pick the next president. It would be very convenient if Al Gore could have picked himself as the next president in 2000, very convenient if Richard Nixon could have done it in 1960.”

That’s not what Trump asked Pence to do. If Pence did what he and 74 million voters asked of him, it would have been to delay the certification until the massive number of irregularities in every key battleground state were addressed. By no means did Trump ask the vice president to make him president. That’s Tribe’s interpretation, and it’s ridiculous on the face of it. The members of Congress who filed complaints about specific state certifications, something Democrats have done every time a Republican won the White House over the last 30 years, were asking to delay certification so that the questionable ballots could be examined. We’re talking about thousands of mail-in ballots that were never folded, begging the question, how did they get them into an envelope if they were never folded? We’re talking numerous whistleblowers who testified under oath and filed affidavits upon penalty of perjury that they witnessed massive voter fraud. We’re talking numerous state secretaries of state, governors, and attorneys general changing elections laws to benefit the Democrats. And we’re talking about the Pennsylvania Supreme Court changing election laws to benefit the Democrats right before the election. We’re talking about thousands of ballots delivered with just Biden’s name circled in with the pen, making the exact same distinguishing marks around the circle. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize they were Xerox copies of a single vote cast for Biden. I’m not even going to get into Dominion systems or the 2000 Mules movie. There was a lot of election fraud that took place that we had two months to look into it, and the entire time the Democrats and the misinformation news media kept telling us that there was no evidence of voter fraud. They continue to say it to this day, even though the evidence is there for all to see. Social media tech tyrants censored any speech about election fraud. What is going on right now is why they censored the irregularities in the states.

Is Tribe suggesting that a presidential candidate does not have the Constitutional right to question how an election was run when there are credible allegations made of voter fraud?

He continued, “Ordering your vice-president to violate the law in order to stay in power is a very serious federal crime, but there are other crimes as well. One that occurred to several people today is attempted murder. You know, under the criminal code of the United States, the attempted murder of the vice-president is punishable by life imprisonment. What we saw with the president egging the crowd on, telling them that, basically, his own vice-president was a traitor while he knew that the mob had gallows waiting for him, that’s pretty serious stuff. You don’t have to go to law school to know that there’s something seriously criminal about that. There are other crimes that have been proven. Those are plenty to start with.”

This is Tribe at his worst. He has always been a leftist and is known for making some outrageous statements in the past, but to claim that Trump tried to murder Mike Pence is utter nonsense. It’s bad enough that leftists put words in people’s mouths, but now they’re arguing that the words they put into people’s mouths are considered violence. They’re nuts.

The Democrats are doing the same thing now that they did during the phony impeachments. They take words said and twist the meaning to be something bad when there was nothing bad. They make up evidence from whole cloth and they withhold evidence at the same time the way Liz Cheney (RINO-WY) has been doing throughout the show trial.

Think about how much of a threat Donald Trump is to the Marxist Democrats. They allowed Hillary Clinton to rig the 2016 Democratic Primary election because they thought she could beat Trump.

They launched numerous investigations (four in total) against Trump for Russian collusion, knowing the whole time that Hillary Clinton made it up in order to get her illegal private email server out of the news. They spent millions of our taxpayer dollars investigating something they knew to be a hoax just because it made Trump look bad.

They locked the country down, bankrupted thousands of businesses, many of which will never come back to piss Americans off so that they could blame it all on Trump. They blocked working treatments for COVID like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine and others. Many believe they did this to get the death rate up so that every COVID death could be blamed on Trump. CNN kept a COVID death count on screen throughout every show so that they could remind their viewers that Donald Trump killed them all.

They ran through two impeachments where there was no due process in the impeachment process. The Democrats lied. They made evidence up. They accused Trump of doing something that Joe Biden, as vice president, actually did. They impeached him a second time and even though he left office before a Senate trial could be convened; the Democrats ran a trial anywhere on a former president. They did this because they wanted to find him guilty so that they could render a punishment that he could never run for office again.

The country had to sit and watch all of this garbage that the Democrats brought to us just to get one man; Donald Trump. They did all of it to rig the 2020 election by attempting to make Trump look so bad that he would lose. And now they’re doing the January 6 show trial to block him from running in 2024. It’s all dirty politics by the Democrats and useful idiots like the law professor are happy to do their part.

Mr. Tribe, spare us your contrived hyperbolic political BS and go watch Matlock with Joe Biden. We’re not buying it.

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