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Pelosi FILPS HER S*** At Interviewer As Her History w/ Slave Labor Is Exposed [Video]

This is a throwback to the time Nancy Pelosi was interviewed by American journalist and documentarian Jan Helfed on the topic of the minimum wage law. You’ll be shocked to learn that she is a fervent supporter. The question arose, did she have (unpaid!) interns in her congressional office?

Yes, of course, she said.

This would constitute good training for them. But Helfeld asked if this practice was consistent with minimum wage legislation. At this point Miss Pelosi abruptly cut off the interview.

“This interview is over,” Pelosi tells Helfeld. “You really made a mistake.”

Helfeld tells Pelosi he’d simply like to discuss the minimum with her. This prompts the Speaker to threaten her questioner with security.

“You’re going to call the guard on us?” Hetfield asks in astonishment.

Fee wrote about this interview saying, “The Speaker of the House may be immoral, and logically inconsistent, but she was no dummy. Pelosi saw, very clearly, that she was enmeshed in a self-contradiction. On the one hand, she favored the minimum wage law. On the other hand, she employed young people at a zero wage. It doesn’t get much more hypocritical than that.”

In December of 2019, Pelosi almost made the same mistake by publicly posting an intern job instead of handling it behind closed doors where she can take advantage of naive eager students. Pelosi’s office, took the posting down immediatly. Splinter said that this predatory employment is racist. Sighting that it’s meant to weed out minorities whose families can’t afford to support the student while they work a full-time job to nowhere for free.

From Splinter:

“The Department of Labor actually sets standards for unpaid internships: The internship must be for the intern’s benefit and not the employer, for example, and the employer shouldn’t derive any actual advantage from the intern’s work.

But the major problem with this internship is what unpaid internships do to the makeup of congressional staff. It’s pretty simple: If you offer a job—full-time or part-time—but don’t pay for it, you’re going to get people who don’t need to work for their money. You’ll get richer and whiter applicants, people whose parents can pay their rent or their living expenses while they’re working for free. You’re going to get people whose life experiences don’t reflect the vast majority of Americans, and especially not poorer Americans who are already underrepresented in our millionaire Congress.”


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