California Mayor Resigns In Disgrace After Corruption Scandal Explodes


Anaheim Mayor Harry Sidhu, resigned on Monday afternoon after he was accused of seeking $1 million in a campaign contribution from the Anaheim Angels in return for helping facilitate the sale of their ballpark. He claims that he is innocent, but he resigned in spite of that. Federal prosecutors say that on at least two occasions, Sidhu provided the ball club with confidential city information.

KABC reported:

“[Sidhu] is accused of soliciting $1 million in campaign contributions from an Angels representative in exchange for performing official acts that would finalize the stadium sale.”

Sidhu’s attorney Paul S. Meyer said in a statement:

“Mayor Sidhu has always, as his foremost priority, acted in the best interests of the city of Anaheim. In order to continue to act in the best interests of Anaheim and to allow this great city to move forward without distraction, Harry Sidhu has resigned from his post as mayor effective May 24, 2022.”

KABC reported:

Anaheim Mayor Harry Sidhu has resigned amid an FBI’s corruption probe related to the sale of Angel Stadium.

His resignation takes effect at midnight Tuesday.

The resignation comes as it was revealed last week that the mayor was the subject of a probe by the FBI, which alleged in a search warrant affidavit that he had fed insider information to Angels executives in the stadium deal and arranged to have a helicopter bought registered in Arizona so he could save money on taxes.

The FBI alleges that Sidhu was hoping to get a $1 million-dollar campaign donation from the team. That never happened and the FBI says the Angels were unaware of the scheme, but this has been building for a while now.

“A fair and thorough investigation will prove that Mayor Harry Sidhu did not leak secret information in the hopes of a later political campaign contribution,” Sidhu’s Attorney Paul S. Meyer said in a statement. “His unwavering goal form the start has been to keep the Angels in Anaheim, so that this vibrant social and economic relationship would continue.

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