Alert: Pro-Infanticide Mob Vows To Burn Down Supreme Court


Pro-abortion extremists are reportedly threatening to burn down the Supreme Court building. Law enforcement is on standby as the group also threatened to murder Justices and their clerks but no one else seems to care. This is kinda blowing my mind.

According to DailyWire, a May 13 Department of Homeland Security (DHS) memoobtained by Axios revealed that government officials are investigating threats to the justices, the clerks, to places of worship, and to abortion clinics.

The memo references threats that came after someone, possibly a clerk, leaked a draft opinion indicating Roe v. Wade will likely be overturned.

These threats “are likely to persist and may increase leading up to and following the issuing of the Court’s official ruling,” the memo said.

Axios reported that the memo attempts to link the pro-life movement to white supremacy, highlighting pro-life violence in the past. But the memo emphasizes that the extremist acts might come from pro-abortion individuals.

“The mere advocacy of political or social positions, political activism, use of strong rhetoric, or generalized philosophic embrace of violent tactics does not constitute domestic violent extremism or illegal activity and is constitutionally protected,” the memo adds, according to Axios.

So it’s okay?

Liberals are infuriated that the Supreme Court intends to hand the decision for abortion back to the elected officials of each state. Their growing rhetoric and violence is hard to ignore but apparently the DHS don’t feel like any laws have been broken. What about the intimidation and death threats to the Justices? Is it no longer a crime to intimidate a judge into ruling in your favor?

Keep in mind these protesters are forming outside of the private homes of SCOTUS members.

Rather than worry about the current threat, the memo warns that ‘violent extremists’ might target companies that manufacture or sell abortion-related medications and “organizations that fund and facilitate travel for those seeking abortions.”

How did they manage to turn that around on pro-lifers when it’s the pro-abortionists rallying and making death threats?

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