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Shock VIDEO: ‘The View’s’ Joy Behar Makes A Complete ASS of Herself on National TV

Rich Welsh| Joy Behar of ABC’s “The View” has always sounded like when God was giving out brains, Behar was standing in line holding a thimble. She has never once uttered a word that forced the listener to go run for a dictionary.

During a recent episode, Behar let the world know that she never paid attention in school when learning basic American government. She made a statement against the Second Amendment in favor of a New York gun law that is being examined by the US Supreme Court, where she said that the Supreme Court is about to “pass a bill,” a Constitutional power that is given solely to the US Congress. I mean, it’s the first Section under the first Article!

Article I, Section 1:

All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives.

“The Supreme Court is poised to pass a bill contradicting the New York City – duh – State laws,” Behar said to the other Dopes of the Round Table. Incredibly, the other Dopes are seen sitting there appearing as if they are listening to James Madison giving a lecture on our Constitutional system of government. They looked like they wanted to give her a dozen goats and the head of her enemies. Apparently, they also don’t have a clue because not a single one of them chimed in to correct her.

“We have very strict gun laws here,” Behar added, “and they would like it to be, apparently, somebody has put this on their desk, that New York should be an open carry state, and an open carry city. With all the density in this city, they want people running around with guns?”


The co-host is two days younger than dirt, so we can’t blame the school system for her sheer ignorance of how our system works. Most Americans her age are full of wisdom we can learn from. Behar probably had some classes with the same professors as Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin. This is on her.

For the other Dopes who believe she is something other than a mental midget with the IQ of a fencepost, the Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights was intended to allow open carry as it says that the federal government can not even hold a conversation about gun rights. States were not held to the Bill of Rights when things first started in this republic. But the liberals have argued over the years that the 14th Amendment, the Left’s “magical” amendment where they found all kinds of things to serve their ideology but were mostly made up in their heads, is said to spread the Bill of Rights over the states. Leftists can’t pick and choose which Amendments apply to the states and which do not.

Someone didn’t “put this on their desk” as she said, apparently believing the Supreme Court gets marching orders from someone other than the Constitution. What a bonehead.

“Middle-class people will be leaving in droves if that happens.” So, the government should remove the Constitutional rights of citizens to keep and bear arms to keep middle-class people from leaving the state? Again, what a bonehead.

Actually, we know through the evidence and experience of history that practically overnight New York would become a much safer environment if the criminals knew that their next potential victims could be carrying a firearm, be it concealed or open carry. While criminals are mean law-breakers, they’re not half as stupid as Joy Behar. Knowing someone could shoot them if they tried to assault or rob them makes a criminal think twice. That’s not to say that crime would go away completely.

We are always going to have crime. But in nearly every situation where gun control laws are low to non-existent, gun crimes are low, and the reverse is also true. Just take a look at the most dangerous cities in the country. Chicago, Philadelphia, Detroit, Washington, DC, and others. They all have strict gun control laws that do absolutely nothing but block law-abiding people from being able to protect themselves from criminals by carrying a gun. Such laws do not stop criminals from getting and using guns to commit crimes. They do not obey the laws. I’m pretty sure that is why we call them criminals.

The Dopes were discussing NYSRPA v Bruen, which will decide if a New York gun law is in violation of the Constitution. I can guarantee that it is, but that doesn’t mean the High Court will agree.

I would say that Behar embarrassed herself on the show, but she would have to be smarter than a box of hair.



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