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Sheriffs Warn Parents Of Demonic Videos Designed To Do The Unspeakable To Young Children

Before Americans were forced to accept how horrible our way of life and our belief systems are- we protected our children.  Before we gave up safe and happy childhoods because American children were not deemed worthy of such things- parents were allowed to protect the innocent young minds of their offspring, but now in “woke-American”, doing that would be homophobic, racist and just all-around bad.

Nevertheless- one group of law enforcement officers in Wisconsin is continuing on their service- as if we were back in the olden days- and warning parents of an obviously demonic designed children’s programing meant to damage young American minds- and cripple them in fear.

The Lafayette County Sheriff’s Office posted the following information on their Facebook page:


The Lafayette County Sheriff’s Office looked at the origins of a controversy about a character named Huggy Wuggy from a survival horror video game called “Poppy Playtime.”

Poppy Playtime is a survival horror video game developed and published by American indie developer MOB Games in which the player plays as a former employee who is revisiting an abandoned toy factory previously owned by the game’s in-universe company Playtime Co. Ten years after the staff have seemingly vanished without a trace. The player navigates through a first-person perspective and must solve puzzles to progress further while avoiding various enemies, such as Huggy Wuggy, a blue bear-like character, with razor sharp teeth. Huggy Wuggy and other animated toys stalk players in an abandoned toy factory.

The video game was rated for ages 8 or above but was then updated to ages 12 or above. The game teaches younger audiences that their toys and other things they previously felt comfortable with are now scary and can kill them.

The Lafayette County Sheriff’s Office is issuing a warning to parents due to a series of videos surrounding Poppy Playtime character Huggy Wuggy. The warnings are due to the character’s initially child-friendly visuals, which very quickly turn nightmarish.

The concerning videos are FAN-MADE, produced by someone who admires a particular TV show, film, or videogame. The following is a list of some of the YouTube Channels that have made the concerning videos:

1. GameToons&lt
2. SamToons
3. GH’S
4. Monster School Story
5. Game My
6. Secret4Studio
7. Hornstromp 3D
8. Siren Studio
9. Bunny Games
10. Slime Channel

The videos include, but are not limited to offensive language, cartoon representations of alcohol use, blood, stabbings, decapitations, attempted murder, murder, and the bloody aftermath of a car crash.

In one of the videos a toy cartoon character tells a cartoon person, “My hugs don’t hurt one bit, you’ll be dead before the pain comes!” The character then hugs and squeezes the person until they turn blue and pass out.

In another video, a female character is drugged, passes out, and it is inferred a sexual assault is performed on her. In the same video, the female character’s husband sees a video of the sexual assault and believes the female character had committed adultery. The male character then hits the female character and divorces her.

As of the time of the post, the videos were not accessible through YouTube Kids, but were some of the first videos listed when “Huggy Wuggy” is searched on YouTube.

The Lafayette County Sheriff’s Office urges parents to monitor your children’s use of YouTube and other video sharing social media platforms.

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