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Lawyers in Whitmer Kidnapping Case DROP A BOMBSHELL, What FBI Did To Their Clients Before Secretly Recording Them Is INFURIATING

Rich Welsh| Federal law enforcement made 14 arrests back in October 2020 over an alleged scheme to kidnap the governor of Michigan, one of the most populous states in the country. And I have thought from the first time I heard the story that the whole thing was setup by the federal government to make Trump supporters look bad before the November 2020 election. And ever since, information has been coming out that is proving my questioning correct.

Ever since the arrests, information has come out that made it clear that the FBI was involved in the plan to kidnap Governor Gretchen Whitmer. Not only that, but information shows the FBI was involved in the planning phase from the very beginning. They also gave money to the would-be kidnappers, and FBI informants drove the kidnappers to do it.

This is not the first time we have heard of FBI and/or their informants taking part in crimes. Ray Epps on January 6 comes to mind. Something is going on.

When the trial of the four men charged with the kidnapping attempt started last week, attorneys for the defendants made an incredible claim. They told the court that not only did the FBI entrap their clients, but an FBI informant supplied the defendants with drugs and then started recording them as they talked to each other. Wait, what?

As the story went when news of their arrest came out, the men involved in the plot to kidnap Whitmer were angry at the governor over her extreme COVID lockdown policies, which were akin to a police state.

Leftist outlets like NPR reported back in October 2020 that the suspects were militia types that would kill Whitmer after they kidnapped her.

By the time the 2020 election was getting closer, the misinformation news media and leftists everywhere were using the kidnapping plot to trash then President Donald Trump, even though he had nothing to do with it. Whitmer herself blamed Trump with the same type of sleazy lies that Pelosi and crew later used to say that Trump incited an insurrection when he did no such thing. To blame Trump supporters for such a thing was ridiculous because it wasn’t Trump supporters who ran around state after state toppling statues, burning down buildings, shooting at cops, and killing innocent people the way the rioters did in the wake of the George Floyd killing.

In January 2021, the New York Times tried to connect the kidnapping attempt to the January 6 riot that took pace at the US Capitol. And what is still mind-boggling to me is that in the very same story, the Times wrote that 12 FBI informants and undercover agents were involved in infiltrating the group. When you come to realize that there were 14 men arrested in the end, that means there were almost as many FBI people involved and that just seems way too weird to write off as a coincidence.

Another really weird thing is that the FBI informants had key positions in the alleged plot to kidnap a governor. An informer usually informs and may go along as one of the team, looking and listening to get information back to the FBI, but they don’t take key roles in the crimes and carry them out or lend a hand in helping the criminals find success.

Defense lawyers told the court that the main guy running the show was an FBI informant that went by the name of “Big Dan.” How could the FBI allow one of their own to be the head organizer of a plot like that and still expect the case to be taken seriously?

The Times wrote that the explosives expert for the group was also an undercover FBI agent, and on a reconnaissance mission around Whitmer’s vacation home in Birch Lake, MI, 4 of the 12 men that traveled there were working for the FBI. One-third of the group were FBI.

It has also been said that law enforcement moved the kidnapping plot forward by nudging the suspects into action. It stands to reason that had they not done that, there is a good chance that none of the other men would have actually done anything. Talk about entrapment.

Why are prosecutors desperately trying to keep some of the FBI agents from testifying? What’s that all about?

I think as Americans we want law enforcement to go after groups of low life offenders who are plotting destruction and violence and we tend to agree that the use the informants is a time-tested tool that law enforcement around the world has used. You can get to the bad guys by hiring a bad guy to act as an informant.

My problem with all of this is when the FBI informants and FBI agents get involved in the actual plot to do a crime, they’ve gone too far and in the matter of plotting the kidnapping of the governor of the state of Michigan went too far.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that I believe at some point during all of this, Whitmer knew exactly what was going on and she went along with it. I have no proof of that, but why hasn’t she come out and said anything after all the evidence came out that the FBI was involved in the planning of her kidnapping? She hated Trump just as much as FBI director Christopher Wray and the rest of the vermin at the DOJ who suffered from Trump Derangement Syndrome, so why not go along with a plot that was set up to make Trump look bad?

This latest news that the feds were providing drugs to people who they considered criminals and then went on to do their job of recording them while stoned and giving that information over to prosecutors to prosecute them denies belief in a Benevolent Being. Where did the drugs come from? Will we ever find out? How much more was the FBI involved in with this alleged crime? Was Christopher Wray involved? Was it truly an October Surprise setup to trash Trump supporters right before the election?

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